Free publicity, for what it’s worth

(approximate value of Free Publicity on KateOhKatie’s blog:  $0.00.  Unless you include my 2c (which I always give) which takes it up to $0.02.  A MILLION PERCENT increase!)

Every once in a while, I like to share a few blogs which I particularly enjoy.  Many are recent finds; some aren’t.  Some are famous (but I’m still telling you just in case you didn’t already know about them); many aren’t.

I currently have about 160 blogs on my Google Reader.  I have no idea if this is an especially high number or not, but I do know I’m at the limits of my manageability.

Some of my favorites are:

1000 Awesome Things is like a happy little treat in my reader every morning.  There’s a constant sense of “OMG I know, right?!”, like the best parts of a Seinfeld episode.

Barking Dog Shoes is a relatively recent discovery; they’re a great resource for honest and comprehensive reviews of comfort shoes.  I always appreciate when the blogger(s) posts about fashion/outfit suggestions, events for the shoes, etc.  There are also lots of posts about upcoming sales on the various shoe sites – a great resource! (PS – I guest-posted for this site a few weeks ago, here.)

Stuff and Things I Do is Jen’s blog, and Jen is awesome.  ‘Nuff said.  It is my goal for everyone to experience the awesomeness that is Jen.  And Dimitri.  And Sebastian.  Who, I’m sure, Roxie would be great friends with.

Craft Fail reminds me I’m not alone.  Warning: set down your tea before reading.

Gloria Lemay offers an amazing source for midwifery information,  maternal and infant advocacy.  Every single post makes me stop and think.  If you’re interested in natural birth philosophy, she’s a good one to have in your corner.

Simple Elegance, a fashion blog by Diana, is an amazing source of inspiration.  Ever since I started reading her posts I’ve begun putting a lot more thought into what I’m wearing.  She’s helped me think about creating outfits rather than just throwing random shit together (my previous modus operendi)  She’s able to articulate what works, and why, in a way that makes fashion very accessible even to dunces like myself.

Lowry Updates is author Lois Lowry’s blog.  As a kid, I loved The Giver.  As an adult, I love her descriptions of a world-famous YALit author’s ‘real life’, from the big fluffy dog to the conversations with illustrators and photos of her grandsons.  I love the Internet.

Rush Hour Knitting, aka Abbie, is a New Yorker and a train knitter.  As a (temporary)St. Louisian and a train knitter, I get her.  Her lovely FO’s make me jealous, too.

Ysolda (Ysolda Teague, of course) is another amazing source of knitterly inspiration and beauty.  I squee every time she posts.

Finally, Tastespotting is a massive recipe aggregate with mouth-watering photography.  Well worth adding to your reader, if you can keep up with it (I certainly can’t.)  I’ve eventually just resignd myself to leaving it alone and stopping by the site as frequenltly as I can – my reader always logs well over 1000 posts if I slack for even a few days!

I hope you make some fun discoveries in the sites above, and that it sets your Monday off on the right foot!

2 responses to “Free publicity, for what it’s worth

  1. Wow, that’s some incredibly flattering company! Thank you for the rec and the kind words.

    I thought I had far more subs in my Google Reader than I do (69, counting you). Time to add your recs: clearly I am not slurping nearly enough feeds!

  2. Thank you for including me in your delightful list. Blogging can be lonely and you wonder if there’s really anyone out there. My subjects are mostly the things that really tick me off (circumcision, birth rape, artificial feeding of babies, vaccines) so I wonder if anyone else will “get” how really cute and funny I am 🙂

    Thanks for “getting” me and I’m putting you on my blogroll!

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