Action shot

It’s Tuesday, and that means that right now I’m probably either sobbing uncrontrollably and hugging a pine tree as Jeff attempts to wrench my body away and into the car, OR I’m sitting on the shore of Lake Superior stubbornly pouting and refusing to move, until Jeff coerces me by threatening to throw some – no, ALL – of my new yarn into the lake if I don’t get in the car RIGHT. THIS. INSTANT.

That is to say, even though I’m writing this on Tuesdaythe4th, it’s a safe bet that on Tuesdaythe11th I’ll not really be wanting to go home.

But I’m sure I will go home, and I’m sure I’ll offer myself a consolation prize.

In fact, I’ve already picked it out.

Meet my beautiful Chestnut Bay Fibers “Starry Night” fingering weight yarn:

It has been marinating in my stash for about a year now, and I think it’s ripe and just right for a self-bribe.  (I thrive on external motivation)

My plan is to turn it into the similar-but-not-matchy-matchy Good Luck Cowl and Merletto Mitts.

The ensemble will, of course, be peppered with my salty tears as we drive southward back to St. Louis.

See ya tomorrow! (for real.  It’ll be current me, not past me)

One response to “Action shot

  1. Oh my Gosh, I looked at this yarn and I kid you not, I almost peed. It is so incredibly gorgeous!!! I’m off to buy some of my very own. TFS!!!!

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