Here and there and everywhere

This is the post in which I delay actually saying anything.

Except that we’re back from Minnesota.  Regrettably.

As promised, I’ll be boring you with many, many posts on the topic.

But suffice to say, for now, that we had a great time.

And we’ll definitely be going back.  Definitely.

With scenery like this, how could you not?

But just two short days after returning (two work- and laundry-filled days), we were gone again, to the annual family gathering at Bennett Spring in central Missouri.

(Like I do every year, I made a bunch – 4 batches, this year – of snickerdoodles.  You might say they’re my specialty.  I say that, anyway.)

We just got back from *that* last night.

So now I’m at work, drowsy and exhausted and I’m at the point where sitting at my desk working on spreadsheets actually seems like a *break* from life.  It’s kinda nice.

I have so much to say, but no energy to say it.  Plz be patient, k?


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