The run-down

So here, in abbreviated list form, is an exhaustive rundown of what we did on vacation:

Wednesday 8/5:  Get home from work, pet the cats, refill my water bottle, run out the door.

Jeff drives, I knit and tweet.  Super-exciting dinner at Subway in Hannibal.  Iowa smells like pig shit.  Get to Minneapolis at about 4:00 am.  Glance around hotel room just long enough to ascertain it’s not populated by axe murderers.  Fall into bed and sleep a deep, deep sleep.

Thursday 8/6:  Wake up late-ish (aaah! refreshing!), go to Mall of America.  Wander and eat lunch and play with Legos.  Don’t shop much.  Retire to hotel and pool.  Relax.

Friday 8/7:  Wake up early and check out of hotel by 9:30 or so.  Head over to St. Paul and visit Borealis, then The Yarnery.  Go to the Hill House and get guided tour.  Awesome.  Lunch at Great Waters Brewing.  Drive to Duluth.  Thompson Hill outlook.  Check into resort, go to beach, go to bed.  Exhausted.

Saturday 8/8:  Rainy.  Was supposed to be least-rainy day of the trip, so we drive up Old 61 to Knife River and Playing with Yarn, then to Two Harbors for lunch at Betty’s Pies, then to Gooseberry Falls where many pictures happened.  Then to Split Rock Lighthouse.  Then to Two Harbors lighthouse.  Find Duluth’s Target, buy umbrella for (promised) rainy Sunday and Monday.  Busy day.  Exhausted.

Sunday 8/9:  Less rainy than Saturday (of course).  Head to Canal Park.  Watch bridge to up and down and up and down and up and down.  Lunch at the famous Grandma’s (food not as good as my real grandma’s).  Some souvenirs and random browsing.  Go to sand beach on the island.  Much hilarity ensues.  Evening at pool.  Nighttime: get lost trying to find scenic overlook.  Eat ice cream.  Find scenic overlook.  Was worth getting lost for.

Monday 8/10:  Less rainy than Saturday *or* Sunday (that figures).  Wander downtown a bit, then lunch at Pizza Luce.  Yarngasm at Yarn Harbor.  Used bookshop, random driving and exploring, then relaxing and boardgames at resort.

Tuesday 8/11:  One last visit to ‘our’ beach, then drive home.  Much sadness abounds.

I have no idea why I wrote that whole thing in present tense.  Too much Tweeting, I guess.

…and that, my friends, is my last attempt to be at all linear in blogging this trip.  Because if it bores me, it sure as hell bores you.  And the last thing I *ever* want to be is boring.  I’d rather be dead than boring.  Well maybe not.  ::contemplates:: well maybe yes.

At any rate, I’m going away now to curl up in the fetal position and contemplate the meaning of life.  Then I’ll look at photos of Lake Superior and it will be all better.


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