Nom, and nom again

(Saturday 8/8/09)

You haven’t lived ’till you’ve had a pastie.   Delicious packets of pie crust and veggies and cheese and sometimes meat (if you’re into that sort of thing), they’re sort of vaguely like a pot pie without the gravy.  Only more delicious.

And the best place in Minnesota to get a pasty is right here:

That’s the Blueberry House in Two Harbors.  I have many childhood memories of getting pasties and muffins here, eating them outside at a picnic table before loading back up into the car to continue our drive northward.

But here’s the sad news:  the Blueberry House is closed.  Forever.

The picnic tables are leaning against the side of the house, and the wooden porch is overgrown with weeds.

I asked Jeff if he would let me buy it and re-open it and run it and I could become a beloved eccentric member of the Two Harbors community (but I wouldn’t join the “Two Harbors Eccentrics” community – I wouldn’t join any club that would have me as a member :-P).

Jeff won’t let me.

So I dried my tears and got back in the car and we drove northward to the source of the second-best pasties in Minnesota:  Betty’s Pies.

Betty’s Pies is decidedly, undeniably, NOT closed.

And for this, I am thankful.

We waited for our table juuuust long enough for Jeff to learn everything about Minnesota rocks…

And then we were seated.

(Side note:  Was there great lighting in there or what?!)

It just took a moment to decide what I wanted:

(Veggie Pastie for me; Beef for Jeff)

And while Jeff worked on a bowl of chili…

(“Not as good as your dad’s” was his succinct review)

…I fooled around some more in that AWESOME lighting:

(this is my favorite photo of two Coke glasses *ever*)

Eventually, of course, I got bored with photographing everyday dining accessories, so I took up my knitting:

(this is not the last you’ll see of that sock, btw)

And just when I thought I was STARVING TO DEATH AND COULDN’T POSSIBLY HOLD OUT FOR A MOMENT LONGER (can’t you see that in my expression above?), our food arrived:

(side note: wth is Jeff doing back there? Maybe he couldn’t hold out any longer…)

And then there was much nomming, and absolute silence.

No, it wasn’t as good as the Blueberry House, but it wasn’t anything to sneeze at either.

All the cheese in mine made it deliciously moist, though Jeff commented that his seemed rather dry – he made good use of the gravy cup that came with.

I took half my pastie home, so I could save room at lunch for this:

Because you don’t go to Betty’s PIES without getting PIE.  It’s sacrelidge.

And blueberry was where it’s at.

Oh, was it ever.

Betty, I like you.  We’ll be back.

One response to “Nom, and nom again

  1. Oh yes, Betty’s Pies is where it’s at!!! Love that place.

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