So help me, I love him

(Saturday 8/8/09)

In an effort to escape the rain on Saturday morning, we paid our $2.00 admission and visited the Two Harbors train depot museum thingy (probably not its official name).

While the museum itself left a bit to be desired – though really, I suppose, it was fine as far as small town museums are concerned – we really did have a great time.

And it’s all thanks to my wonderful, adorable, hilarious husband.

(Pounding all the buttons rendered me quite breathless from giggling)

(“Katie!  C’mere!  I can see….TINY BEARS!”)

But it wasn’t only Jeff – the museum itself was a good source of laughs as well.  There’s more to this sign than may first appear:

Poor, poor kittens of the day.  That can’t have been comfortable.

Und FINALLY! we eend our lesson on heestory vis a verrrrry eemportant deescussion!







Zere.  Now you know ze deeference.  Zis VILL be on ze test!

Verrry gud.


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