(Thursday 8/6/09)

Does anybody really call it Mofa? Probably not.  That sounds kind of dumb to me, actually.  But for the purposes of this post, and for the scientific purpose of being silly, I’m gonna call it Mofa.

On our first (and only full day) in Minneapolis/St.Paul, we went to Mofa (kinda rolls off your tongue, doesn’t it?)

See? Mofa!

Bigger Mofa.

(OK it has only been a few times but I’m already irritated M of A it’ll be from here on out…)

I was really excited to go!

Jeff, less so.

But that’s because he doesn’t like shopping, and he was afraid that wall we were gonna do there was shop.

I had a surprise in store for him, though! I shocked him by promising not to do any SHOPPING.  I mean, we might shop a bit, or shop even, but not SHOP.  I’m sure you know what I mean.

Browsing, perusing, windowshopping, trying on “just because”, looking at items for sale, that’s not SHOPPING.

And I stood by my promise! No SHOPPING.

Not even in this store:

Which is pretty much the coolest place ever, with a whole section devoted to Edward Gorey books, and also some *beautiful* pottery, and unique and *fun* kids toys, and pens with smartass sayings on them.  (And look! they have a website!)

I didn’t buy anything there, because I knew if I started I wouldn’t be able to stop.  Smart move on my part.

(But I’m already saving my money for the next time we go back.  Then, I will SHOP.)

Jeff had never been to the M of A before, and it had been years since I’ve gone, so we were both wowed by the SIZE of the place!

You can just see the awe on Jeff’s face:

Or, um, not.  He’s hard to impress, that one.

Before long we got hungry (shocking!) so we started looking for a good lunch place.  I’m not a fan of chain restaurants (especially on vacation) so we tried to find somewhere local, within the mall.

We had no luck.  So we gave up and ate at a chain – albeit, a smaller chain:

We made short work of some wings:

but our entrees (pulled chicken for me, pulled pork for Jeff) were pretty “meh.”  I think I’m just spoiled.

I did have fun with the six sauces at our table:

I gave each a highly scientific taste test:

The clear winner was:

After lunch we thumb-wrestled for the bill:

Then headed to the BEST PART OF THE MALL OF AMERICA!!!

Yes, kids, LEGOs.

I love LEGOs.  I could have sat at those little tables and played all day, but Jeff wouldn’t let me.

Jeff came away with the above souvenir, to replace his old and bedraggled Obi Wan keychain, which I’d brought from a trip to the Lego shop in Chicago 4 summers ago.  (Obi Wan had lost both hands, one leg, and all facial features.  It was time.)

I wanted this to be my souvenir:

but yet again, Jeff was mean (notice a trend here?) and wouldn’t let me.

I just know I’d use my Motorized Walking AT-AT all the time!  ::pout::

Next we did yet another thing that JEFF wanted to do:

(You might recall, he takes his miniature golf very seriously)

I put on my game face, and resolved to kick his ass at his own game:

Even if I had to cheat:

Meanwhile, my  adorable psycho husband put on his own game face:

(let this go down in history as the creepiest picture EVER)



I really don’t want to look at that anymore.

Moving on to other, much more serious matters:  silly hats!

Everywhere we go, there must be silly hats.

Clearly, the sillier the better.
Oh and also, candy.

(because being a grownup means that sometimes you can buy a ton of candy “just because.”)

The Mall is divided up into 4 different sections, each with its own theme.  I didn’t grab a photo of all 4 sections, only of our favorite:

It was the quietest one by far (least foot traffic), and the dark ceiling and ambient lighting made it seem allllmost cozy (sort of.  Maybe.)  Much less stimulating to the eye than the other areas. This section was where we ended up hanging out for a while.

And what better to hang out with, than delicious coffee?

After all the minigolfing and candy-buying and hat-trying and mall-wandering, we were tired.  So we settled down with some Caribou Coffee (yummmmmmmy!) and my sock-in-progress before heading back to the hotel pool.

I love the Mall of America.  Even if I didn’t get to do any SHOPPING.  (That’s for next time)

PS> Remember those Ariat Legends I’ve had my eye on for a year and a half now? They had them in one of the shops – on sale even!  I didn’t buy, but I did try.  And it only served to confirm – I need those boots!  This fall 🙂

One response to “Mofa

  1. We call it M.O.A. or “The Mall” and my favorite place is actually across the street…its a big blue building with big yellow letters on it 😉

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