I sat here picking at my cuticles for a good 10 minutes before starting to type.

And then what do I write about?  Picking my cuticles.

Some days are just like that, I guess.

For some bloggers, what they publish is carefully crafted to present an image.  Sometimes that image may be accurate, but it’s almost never complete.   Some bloggers gain a lot of fame and money from presenting that image.  Personally, I’d find that unbearably constricting and dreadfully boring.

Other bloggers publish words from the heart, candid photos and no-nonsense depictions of their reality.  They let their readers in.  Far, far in.  Some bloggers gain a lot of fame and money from letting their readers in.  Personally, I’d find that awkward and embarrassing.

So as a blogger who is in neither camp – I don’t pretend everything is sunshine and roses, nor do I update Twitter with my every bowel movement – where do I fit?

Obviously not with the ones who gain a lot of fame and money 😛

What I’m getting at is, I would bore even myself if I repeatedly posted “I got up and then I went to work and then I came home and then we went to dinner and then I watched __[insert reality show here]__ and then I…”   Nobody wants to read that.

But my life also isn’t exciting enough to post every day about grand adventures, glamorous knitted FO’s, amazing finds, or deep philosophical ramblings.  I’ve never scaled the Andes, knitted a Here Be Dragones, found a 7-carat diamond for $1 in a junk shop, or navalgazed the answer to life’s meaning.

My life isn’t *just* about knitting, or travel, or photography, or the fuzzy things that live in my house.  It’s about all of those things, and more, and less.  I’ve no interest in starting a Roxie blog or a home blog or a knitting blog, so it all lands here.  Take it or leave it.

And even though my tagline is “Knitting. Baking. Photography.”, I reserve the right to navelgaze or climb a mountain (Kilimanjaro, Jen?) whenever the mood strikes.  It’s my blog, and it’s a free country.

But I promise you this much:  my blog shows the real me.  Kate-on-the-blog is exactly like Kate-in-real-life.  So if you ever want some chocolate chip cookies, handknitted socks and a side of snark, you’ll know where to find me 😉

Thanks for continuing on the ride with me.


2 responses to “Lint

  1. Leave it? No way. I’ll take your chocolate chip cookies and hand-knitted socks everyday, please.

    (Yes, Kilimanjaro!)

  2. Oh, and the snark. I’ll always come back for the snark.

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