I never missed an opportunity to knit in Minnesota.  For the purposes of “travel knitting” (ie, any activity except sitting on the porch or riding in the car) I had 2 main projects:  the sleeves for Jeff’s sweater, and a simple spiraling rib sock out of ONLine sock yarn.

I knitted anywhere and everywhere, but I think a summary from these past few weeks’ posts is worthwhile:

I knitted at a Caribou Coffee in the Mall of America (beginning o’ the sock!):

I knitted as I laughed at Jeff “swimming” in Lake Superior:

I knitted before lunch at Betty’s Pies:

I knitted at many different spots at Gooseberry Falls:

I knitted on the beach below Split Rock Lighthouse (would’ve been cool to get a photo with the lighthouse in the background.  Alas…):

And I knitted outside Caribou Coffee in Duluth:

And many, many more places that I neglected to photograph.  Yes, this is one well-traveled sock!  Now it’s just going backandforthandbackandforthandbackandforth to and from Downtown St. Louis on the train with me every day.  Decidedly less exciting.

I did finish the toe of that first sock on the train this morning, though, as an inquisitive 8-year-old girl watched over my shoulder and asked what I was doing with all those “pins”.  As I finished the last couple kitchener stitches and held up the newly-completed socks, she said “wow…..like magic!”

Indeed, like magic 🙂


One response to “Everywhere

  1. Awesome extreme knitting! That sock has seen some beautiful locales.

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