One of the best things

I can’t lie – after over two years of knitting, some of the romance is gone.  The initial thrill has long since disappeared, and while I (almost) always enjoy the process and love the beautiful yarns, it’s become harder and harder to achieve that “wow I made this!” high.

Once in a while, though, a certain yarn will come along and it’ll marry itself to a lovely pattern and even though they were both fine on their own, there’s something about the combination – the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

Such was the case when this lovely “Knit me Now” sock yarn in the ‘blueberry pie’ colorway found its way into my hands at Yarn Harbor and wandered from Minnesota to Missouri.

I wound it Monday night on my way out the door to Stitch ‘n Pitch and started working a turned picot cuff then my favorite waffle-stitch pattern – one I can do with my eyes closed (or, um, while watching a baseball game).

Little did I know that this would turn out to be one of my favorite WIP’s ever.

The yarn is amazingly squishy and springy and wonderful, and it’s just a *titch* heavier than standard fingering weight.  Coupled with the super-cozy waffle pattern, this sock is a dream to work on.

It’s simultaneously a process knit *and* a product knit.  I can’t wait to have the finished socks on my feet, but in the meantime I absolutely adore every stitch I knit.

Maybe it’s a carryover from the good mood earlier this week, but with every.single.stitch of these socks, I get a little burst of happiness.  It’s really pretty ridiculous how much fun I’m having with this knit – the colors are wonderful, reds and whites and blues that combine in a decidedly patriotism-free way.  None of the reds are a “true” red (they’ve all got hints of pink, in various doses) and all of the blues remind me of ablueberry (hmm wonder why?).

Of course, things always go more quickly when you’re having fun.  This sock leg has fallen down the needles faster than I can believe; I’m clocking over 20 rows per day just from my train knitting.  Already, the photo above (from Tuesday night) is sorely outdated; I’ll probably be starting the heel flap tomorrow morning.

I’ll be sad to see these finished, but I can’t wait to have them on my feet.  I love this yarn, and I know I’ll love these socks.

What a wonderful feeling.

I love knitting.

Did I ever tell you that?


One response to “One of the best things

  1. Pardon me – did I understand you correctly when I read only been knitting for 2 years!?!?! Oh my goodness your work is AMAZING, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL!!! This gives me hope that someday I will knit something as well!

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