What’s the opposite of lazy?

Oh, yeah.  Busy, I guess.

Anyway, today has been a decidedly un-lazy Saturday.  I started out bright and early, hitting up a few garage sales (not much luck in that department, just came away with a few kids’ books, a cute ceramic pitcher (perfect for all those times I…uh…use a pitcher?  Whatever I like it), and some linen napkins I haggled down to $0.25 from $2.00.  Jeff actually *volunteered* to join me in my weekend Goodwill run, and then after a few more errand-y stops we decided to have lunch at the Loop and partake in the big sales this weekend.

You’ve gotta give me credit, I was *very* restrained (I tried to keep in mind that Strange Folk is next weeked, and saved my pennies thusly).  I *only* bought yarn for a gift knit from Knitty Couture, and…one other thing.

Have you heard of Alyssa Ettinger?  I have!  I have!  I’ve seen her stuff on Ravelry and mentioned in a local St. Louis magazine before.  So I was thrilled when, in the Craft Alliance shop this afternoon, there was a teeny little clearance shelf with a few of her pieces on it, marked to 50% off.

The unattainable just became attainable, and there was much squee-ing.

But remember my forced frugality?  I did my absolute best, and only came away with one little bit of awesomeness, representative of the Knitware collection’s overall beauty:

Just one teensy weensy little bitty cup, perfect for, oh, I don’t know…

Yes, perfect.  A wonderful companion to one of my mom’s designs.

I love surrounding myself with handmade beauty 🙂

Go check out Alyssa Ettinger’s shop to see more of her Knitware and Milk collections.  Truly beautiful and creative and amazing.  I’m glad I was able to buy just one tiny piece 🙂

(Hey St. Louisians:  There were several pieces left as of Saturday afternoon!  Another small cup like mine, a couple taller vase-like pieces, and a wider, shallower bowl.  30-50% off regular price)


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