Lewd Loot (Subtitle: Strange Folk Part II)

Remember how I said I got fun stuff at Strange Folk?

Now first I’ve gotta say two things:

1)I was very, very, very good.  I could’ve literally bought something at every single booth there.  But I didn’t.  But I wanted to.  But I didn’t. (Self-restraint!)

2)Just days before the Event, my in-laws had graced me with a birthday gift, a check with “Yarn money” clearly written in the memo line.  And in the interest of pleasing the in-laws (self-sacrificing for the sake of family harmony!).  This enabled me to buy more than I normally would’ve been able to.  This made me happy.

So, what does my cute lil’ tote bag contain?

Roxie will be your tour guide!

Roxie halp.

Tote bag contains…

One Miss Havisham shawl, abandoned when the skies were sunny and the temps got close to 80*F:

(but I did receive many compliments for the hour or so I had it on).

1 small bag of kettle corn, half eaten:

One pile of tote bag freebies (including super-cute buttons, cards, and a local music magazine), jumbled:

One project bag, purchased months ago at Knitorious…

Containing one completed blueberry pie waffle sock and the start of another:


One tiny little silver-and-fabric pendant:

…no, really.  TINY:

Which came displayed in the most charming way possible:

That’s a tiny little card it’s on, and not only is it a fun print, it’s a …

PLAYING CARD!  OK I’m a sucker for fun packaging anyway, but that takes the cake.

That little piece of happiness was crafted by Pretty Fun, an apt name because it *is* pretty fun.  Lots of fun.  Almost unbearable amounts of fun.

…I hope they’re there next year, so I can have even MORE fun! (And buy one of her super cute project bags!)

I’m going to turn that over to Mom and see what she can do with it.  For me.


Next up was my most delicious purchase of the day:

Inside that unassuming little bag is the BEST SMELLING STUFF EVER:

A bar of goat milk soap, in the “luv spell” scent.  It’s truly lovely and no I haven’t actually tried to eat it, though I might.  Because YUM.

I chatted with the booth’s owner for a bit, and I’ve gotta say that I *love* the story behind this soap.  It’s made right there on their farm, with the milk of their own goats.  The soaps are all (I can attest – I smelled every one!) wonderful smelling, light and simple and clean (durrr….it *is* soap, Kate!).

Their website is here, and you can order online.  Luv Spell is amazing, and I also really liked Black Raspberry, Lilac and Cider.  I think this delicious stuff is about to become a staple in my home 🙂


This next item was created by Picard Creative (Artfire shop is linked on her blog), and it’s another one where I had a *really* hard time choosing just one.  But when I saw this magnet:

…I knew it had to be mine.  That image is actually crafted on a tin can lid – brilliant!  I love upcycling 🙂

It will live on my fridge forever, and I will smile every time I look at it. 🙂


Next, I’ve gotta give a disclaimer.  It seems like every time I attend one of these events, no matter how hard I try I lose track of one item’s origin.  Such is the case with my beautiful little cuff here:

I love this thing.  The green fabric has such a lovely texture to it; I think it might be vintage.  And that little peep of magenta color is perfect.

Best of all, it serves as an ideal tattoo coverup, for situations that call for it 😉

(Um, might’ve helped if I’d taken a photo of the underside of my wrist :-P)

So who made this lovely little piece?  I *think* It was Fair Ophelia designs.  I know I stood there and chatted with Angela for a while, and I remember admiring her bags and super-cute coaster sets, but I can’t remember for 100-percent-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt-certain  that she’s who made my cuff.  If anyone who was at the festival and has a better memory than me can either confirm this for me, or set me straight, I’d really appreciate it.


Of course, no festival is complete for me without yarn, and since Rachel at Dyeabolical Yarns (that’s, what – the 10th time I’ve linked her in a blog post? You can tell I’m a fan! :-D) was so kind in explaining this whole “Strange Folk” thing to me in the first place, I was more than happy to support her business as best I could (see? The self-sacrificing again!)

“Support” came in the form of this:

and this:

Both of which are skeins of her amazing Strong Arm sock yarn, and both of which are destined to be lovelysquishycozybeautiful fall socks.  (And also, both of which are showing up more brightly on-screen than they are in real life.  Think more “autumn”, less “day-glo”)

I’ve used her Strong Arm base twice now, for my Joker Socks and Glacial Socks.  It’s got all the properties I love – wool/nylon blend for strength, slightly thicker than your usual fingering weight, and firmly (but not too tightly) spun.  The yarn wears *incredibly* well, and is a joy to work with.  I can’t wait to knit both of these up 🙂  (oh, and I miiiiiiiiiight have put in a special request for a skein of Themyscira in the same Strong Arm base.  Maybe.  Possibly.)

Oh, yes.  I had a good time at Strange Folk.

Not only did I enjoy the food, the music, the browsing, and the strange folk themselves, but I *really* enjoyed getting to do my small part to support local (and not-so-local!) artisans and crafters.  I’m always amazed by the different forms that creativity can take – from innovative and beautiful screenprinted apparel, to ceramics that are heart-stoppingly amazing, to stitching skills I can only dream of, to the really off-the-wall.  There’s no better feeling than being surrounded and inspired by others.  It’s really an amazing feeling, as if the best parts of Etsy all jumped out of the computer and landed on my doorstep (well, relatively speaking).   I’m so glad that I had the chance to go to Strange Folk this year, and I’m already saving my pennies for next year‘s trip.

…assuming they straighten out the funnel cake issue, that is.

PS>Be proud of me! I didn’t even spend all my birthday money!  Nope, I saved that till *the next day*, when I promptly blew the remainder on alpaca and sock yarn at Knitty Couture.  I tried.


6 responses to “Lewd Loot (Subtitle: Strange Folk Part II)

  1. Roxie is an excellent tour guide!

    That pendant is gorgeous.

  2. Dang. I should have never said the word of funnel cake. I SWEAR I saw the funnel cake vendors name on the vendor list. I will not swear that it was this years list I was looking at. *hangs head*

    “Think more “autumn”, less “day-glo””–You have no idea how many times I day I have to write some variation of this.

    • Yeah, yeah. It was all a ruse to draw visitors! 😀

      And the autumn/day-glo thing – is that as a reminder to yourself, or descriptions on Etsy? 😀

  3. yes dear, your little cuff is from Fair Ophelia Designs. Thanks for sharing!!

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