Orange – a color I don’t usually pay much heed to, (besides when I look at my hair :-P) – has been on my mind a lot lately.

I think I’ll have to knit something orange.  It’s one of those things where you can’t really be rid of it ’till you DO something about it, y’know?

Maybe it’s the season.  Rachael* posted today (I hope she doesn’t mind me repeating her words):

And fall — I MIGHT HAVE MENTIONED THIS — is my favorite. How can it not be everyone’s? That smell, the sound of the wind, the early nights, the look of houses in early evening with their lights on, people moving around inside (yes, I’m a peeping Tom, but not in the creepy way), the preparation for winter to come, the thoughts of sweaters to be made, the laying in of wool…

I seriously can’t wait. Every year I feel like I want to dig my fingers into this time, to hold on tight, to not let it slip past without noticing every second. (It strikes me that that’s part of fall knitting, isn’t it? The urge to grasp and hold that feeling. Which is why we DON’T do it so much in the summer, I suppose. I’m trying not to hold anything in summer at all, except ice cubes and drinks made with gin.)

Exactly.  I love nightly walks with Roxie, where I can kick leaves (and yes, turn my ankle on acorns.  I’m a realist in my descriptions, if nothing else) and look in windows.  I’ve got the WHOA urge to stash – I think another KnitPicks order is in my not-too-distant future.  I want to knit this.  And these.

Until then, though, I did make this:

That’s a garter stitch coffee table runner in Reynolds Lopi, and it’s squishy and beautiful and rustic and I love it for all its kitschiness.

And last night Jeff spilled the better part of a Diet Coke right onto it (and onto some wonderful coasters that @Pandigirl knitted for me) and the darned things came away completely dry within seconds.  I LOVE WOOL.

Oh and see the centerpiece?  Those rocks are straight from the Duluth shore of Lake Superior, hand picked by yours truly and her loving husband.  I love how it serves as a constant reminder of our amazing trip, and every time I look at it I want to go back.

You just don’t get that same feeling when you buy a bag of rocks at Micheal’s, y’know?  (I will, however, freely admit that the candles were on clearance for $0.79 each from selfsame big box craft store.  Hey, nobody’s perfect)

And now I’m off, to daydream of all the orange things I’m going to knit.



*author Rachael, not dyer Rachel


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