The “Only one” game

There’s a little mental game I like to play with myself every now and again.  I call it the “Only one” (they call me “She of the Creative Titles,” after all) game, and the idea is – if I could have ONLY ONE [insert item here], which would it be?  I love seeing how my answers evolve and change as time passes.  It’s kind of similar to the desert island game, but without the burden of situation-appropriate practicality (a survival book would be much more useful on a desert island than would a novel.) (Yes, I overthink things.)

If I could have ONLY ONE shirt, which would it be? My Pioneer sweater (and the tshirt that goes under it, which doesn’t count)

If I could visit ONLY ONE website, which would it be? Ravelry.  But I would miss Google (and Gmail and Google Reader) and Wikipedia and WordPress and Flickr dearly.

If I could have ONLY ONE set of knitting needles, what would it be? My US6 29″ Addi circular.  Perfect for fingering-weight shawls and DK-weight sweaters.  But I’d have to smuggle a set of US1 DPN’s in, in my bag or something too.  (Yes, I cheat at my own games.  What’s it to ya?)

If I could eat at ONLY ONE restaurant, which would it be? Cascone’s (this answer has never. ever. changed.)

If I could read ONLY ONE book, which would it be? Pride and Prejudice (also hasn’t ever changed).

If I could watch ONLY ONE DVD, what would it be? Stardust, I think.  Or Season 1 of Arrested Development.

If I could own ONLY ONE shawl, which would it be? At this point, either my medieval shawl or Stardust shawl.

If I could order ONLY ONE item from Starbucks, what would it be? Nonfat chai latte.

If I could have ONLY ONE piece of jewelry, which would it be? My wedding/engagment rings (not likely to ever change) (also, I cheat at this game.  Regularly.)

If I could visit ONLY ONE state, which would it be? Minnesota.

If I could wear ONLY ONE cosmetic, what would it be? Bonne Belle lip gloss in “Mocha Mousse”, which I’ve been using nonstop for 11 years (really.  I got my first tube from Stefanie at for my 13th birthday.)

If I could bake ONLY ONE item, what would it be? Snickerdoodles.  (but oddly, they’re not my absolute favorite to eat.)

If I could have ONLY ONE pair of shoes, which would it be? Oh, c’mon.


What’s your version of the ONLY ONE game?


2 responses to “The “Only one” game

  1. I like this game. Would you still like me if you knew that I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice? If the answer is yes, then surprise! I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice. (If, however, your answer is no… I’ve read it! I’ve really read it!)

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