A quiz

What takes place in a small town in Kansas, features an awesome parade, funnel cakes and kettle corn, and has all the awesome booths a girl could ask for?

Maple Leaf, that’s what!

Some high school friends of mine (the oft-mentioned Stefanie and Mandi) went to college in Baldwin City, and a couple of years ago I went to visit them in time to attend the festival.  It was a super-awesome amazing time (which I wrote about on my old blog here).

And this year, this weekend, I’m going back, with one firm goal in mind:

(guaranteed to give me another tummyache.  Smartz = I no can haz.)

If you’ll be in the vicinity of Kansas City or Lawrence this weekend, I definitely recommend ya visit the Maple Leaf festival 🙂

Hope to see you there!

PS>I’m (madly) rushing to finish a lace capelet in time to wear this weekend.  We’ll see if I succeed or not.  Deadline knitting almost never works out for me.


2 responses to “A quiz

  1. Sad I am not going this year!!! Eat funnel cake for me!

  2. Ooo…I LOVE me some funnel cake…but in MA they have fried dough…which is basically just lazy man’s funnel cake. Sigh.

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