Hike Matching

(“Hike Matching!” is what my brother used to say when he saw two things that were identical, or similar, or had a similar attribute, or took a related form, or were the same color.  Pretty much all the time.)

The Yarn Harlot posted last winter about her daughter’s request for a “more matching” winter accessories set, and that really resonated with me.  As knitters, we have a tendency to pile on every handknitted item we can, for the “I made this! And this!  And THIS!” pride, without too much regard for mainstream fashion’s idea of coordination  (in fact, today I was quite proud of myself for wearing *only* three handknitted items – socks, shawl, and fingerless gloves.  Nevermind that the socks were pink lace, the shawl was deep reds and greens and blues, and the gloves were…well, you’ll see.)

So when I started this set in August, it was with a clear goal in mind:  similar but not matchy, Knitterly but not…knitterly.

For the fingerless gloves, Merletto Mitts:

I know the richly verigated yarn obscures the lace and cables a bit, but believe it or not that’s kinda the look I was going for.  Knitterly.

cozysquishywarmwow.  These are the *perfect* fall accessory, if you ask me.

For the cowl, Good Luck Cowl.

A super-simple lace pattern (which, umm…I still haven’t blocked.  Should rectify that.), it’s cozy and happy.  This is my first true cowl, and I’m loving the concept – it’s like a scarf! But without the useless dangly ends (which I’m not dissing because they’re fun in their own right)!

And the whole ensemble together?

Awesome! I think it says “Knitter” without being too “KNITTAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR”, don’t you?


Happy Friday, everyone.

Hope those of you who are attending Rhinebeck have a fantastic time.  Hug a sheep for me.

I’ll try to Tweet at Maple Leaf, as I remember 🙂

PS>The yarn is Chestnut Bay Fibers merino sock yarn and I LURVES it.  Though it’s one of those enigmatic yarns that appears completely different knitted up than it did even in the cake.  I kinda like when that happens.


One response to “Hike Matching

  1. They both turned out great and look wonderful on you!

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