Maple Leaf 2009

Maple Leaf 2009…

…was even awesomer than Maple Leaf 2007.


There was no Delorean in the parade.  I was seriously bummed about that.  It’s not a Maple Leaf parade without a Delorean, I tell you what.

You know what makes it a Maple Leaf *festival*, though?

Kettle corn.  (and cowboy boots)

And another food-like item…

(hint:  It’s not “Soft drink” or “water”)

Did you know? Funnel cake is magical because (you probably didn’t know this), when you split it with a friend, all the calories magically disappear!  I know!  (Thanks, Mandi, for sharing the funnel cake with me, and thus negating all its calories :-D)

Maple Leaf is SO MUCH about food.  It’s about Wheat State pizza:

The mere smell of which was enough to make me gain 4 or 5 lb.

Maple Leaf is also about FUDGE:

Many, many varieties of fudge:

Most of which looks delicious:

…but some of which is, um, uh…

Maple Leaf is also about a (sadly Delorean-less) parade:

A small-town parade in all its glory, where the whole county turns out to see highlights like a pink tractor…

…a motorized toilet…

(the driver was down inside, and those tubes on the sides occasionally spit out candy!)

…Shriners in their little cars…

…and horses…



(we were unable to ascertain why the riders were all wearing wedding dresses.  Please enlighten me.)

Maple Leaf is also about shopping:

Including pretty jewelry:

(booth owner unknown)

And funnily-named candles:

(which actually smelled delightfully of banana and… hazelnuts?)

For me and Stefanie especially, Maple Leaf is also about chrysanthemums:

Each plant prettier than the last, every time I saw one it was “ooh! My favorite color!  Ooh!  My favorite color!” 🙂

Such cheerful little flowers 🙂

To me, they just scream “fall!”

Little bastards, trying to trip me.




But most of all (here’s where I get corny)…

Maple Leaf is about having an awesome time with awesome friends.

Even when they look like this:

And it’s OK, because you look like this:

(photo by Stefanie)

And they love you anyway.

But dudes, KETTLE CORN.

It doesn’t get better than Maple Leaf.

2 responses to “Maple Leaf 2009

  1. Man I could live on kettle corn and funnel cake.

  2. The kettle corn (and funnel cake and fudge) all look amazingly yummy. Maybe next year I can tag along with you to Maple Leaf 😉

    Also, holy gorgeous flowers!

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