This is what happens…

This is what happens when you let your FO’s and WIP’s pile up for WAY TOO LONG before taking photos for Ravelry:

(You end up rushing to take photos on a Sunday afternoon, in the 5-minute window where you’ve got that rare combination of daylight + no rain.  Thanks, St. Louis.)

All the details about everything are up on Rav, but I thought I’d share a couple of FO’s in particular:

Completed blueberry pie socks!  Wow, I heart these even harder than I did when they were a WIP.  I’m sad that they’re finished because I enjoyed knitting them so much, but I’m happy that now I have new cozycomfysquishywarmness to wear  (double warm when I wear them with my LLBean Wicked Good slippers in the background there!  Whoa, momma.  That’s some cozy for ya!)

I continue to love a turned cuff with picot edging:

And  I even like how the second sock (on the left, below) has less white than the first one did:

(I’m saying that’s because the Cool Whip didn’t drip down to the bottom of the pie :-D)

Really, though, it just seems that as I worked farther toward the center of the skein (aka, outside of the re-wound cake), the lengths of white  became shorter and shorter and eventually stopped altogether.   Nothing offensive to me, just an interesting note.

Happiness all around 🙂

Secondly, I’ve finished the socks which I worked on in Minnesota:

The yarn is ONLine Supersocke, and they’re knit with a 2×2 swirling rib (every 6th row) cuff.  I’m pretty “meh” about these, over all.  They’re fine, but they sure don’t excite me like the blueberry socks do!

Finally (for today), I’ve come in possession of a skein of Dyeabolical Yarns‘ Themyscira:

It’s lovely. It is my pet, and I’m still in the “carry it around the house and stroke it occasionally” phase of yarnlust.  I’m sure I’ll knit eventually, though.  Maybe once I finish those boring Jeffsocks I have OTN…


2 responses to “This is what happens…

  1. I LOVE the colors of the blueberry pie socks!

  2. Those blueberry pie socks are gorgeous – they look SO cosy and warm! 😀

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