Encyclopedia of Meeeee: A is for…

Mad Bride nagged me on Xanga the other day to share more “me”, less knitting.  Personally, I think that knitting is much more interesting than me, but what do I know?

I loved Kate Mulder’s “Encyclopedia of Me” feature, so I think I’ll go with that format.  It’s tidy and orderly and if I’m being honest (as if you didn’t already know), I kinda get off on tidy and orderly 😛

So with no further ado:

A is for…

Apeshit.  As in, “Apeshit crazy”, ie, my favored mode of existence.

Airplane! One of my most favorite movies ever.  I could probably just about quote it line-for-line. 🙂

Ale.  I’ll choose beer over wine almost every time.  I love a hearty microbrew, and even though I know next to nothing about beer, I know that I like unusual, interesting ones!

Apples.  I eat at least one every day, in some form or another.  Can’t testify to any “keeps the doctor away” benefits, but I sure enjoy the taste (Jonagolds, Jonathans and Fujis are my favorites)

Austen.  Jane Austen.  I’ve read Pride and Prejudice 18 times, Sense and Sensibility 3 times, and Persuasion…never.  (Rather anticlimactic.  Sorry.)

Atheist.  I am one, of the benevolent “everybody leave everybody else alone and let’s all just be happy” variety.  It seems to have served me well so far; I just follow the Golden Rule (or, try to at least :-D) and try to be the best little secular humanist I can be.

Atchoo.  aka, sneezing.  Which is what I do year ’round, thanks to seasonal allergies (I have one for each season!) as well as the pets I share my life with.  I’m a very sneezy person (something I guess you wouldn’t know from just reading a blog?) but according to Jeff and random acquaintances, my sneezes are “cute.”  Make of that what you will.

Accessories.  Thanks to my mom’s burgeoning jewelry-making skills, I’m positively swimming in lovely jewelry lately.  As a direct result, I find myself wearing more variety, and putting more thought into my outfits.  I’m also treading into the terrifying waters of “coordinating/complementing” versus “matching.”  It’s scary, I tell you.  But awesome.


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