Ever wonder?

Ever wonder where I get it from?


This was an email from my dad, sent in response to my cookie-related Tweets this morning:


to me

1:06 PM (2 hours ago)
I am an acknowledged expert on oatmeal raisin cookies.  If you doubt me, just ask me.
It is my considered opinion that oatmeal raisin cookies should be chewy, but definitely not gooey.  If they are gooey, they are under baked.  If they are crispy they are over baked.  A perfect oatmeal raisin cookie will bend at a 30 degree angle before separating into two luscious morsels.  If it bends to a 45 degree angle or farther, it either is formulated with an over abundance of oatmeal and an insufficient butter content, or else it has not been baked thoroughly.  If, heaven forbid, a discernable “snap” is heard when it bends, it is unacceptable and should be placed in a plastic bag and transported to the nearest cookie disposal site.  I believe the nearest site to St Louis is located at [parents’ address] in Kansas City.
For the record, the perfect snickerdoodle cookie is slightly crisp on the outside and tender within.  I happen to be acquainted with a superb snickerdoodle baker who can provide reference samples for more detailed analysis.  I believe the nearest analysis site is also (by coincidence) at [parents’ address] in Kansas City.
Please don’t hesitate to query me about additional cookie-related questions.
Sincere regards,
I don’t believe any further explanation is necessary, no?

2 responses to “Ever wonder?

  1. Can your dad be my dad, too?

    • I’ll ask him and get back to ya, but I warn you – he has really high standards for daughters. I mean, look at me! 😛

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