When I received one lovely skein of Buffalo Gold Lux Lace yarn a few weeks ago, I knew two things:

1)It was lovely

2)It must become something lovely.


Oh, wait, three things:

3)I must protect myself, at all costs, from the scabies, night terrors, &etc.


In no time flat, I’d knitted and bound off on an Ishbel shawl, at which point I moaned to Jeff “But I don’t WANT to be done!” I was on the verge of frogging just so I could have the pleasure of re-knitting, but Jeff managed to talk me out of it.


I’m glad he did, though I’m still sad that my beautiful little skein of yarn is gone.


But look what I’ve got now in its place!


Why helloooooooo gorgeous!


(Notice I’m wearing long sleeves to protect from the neoconservativism)


I am still absolutely in love with this yarn, and I wish to nom it.  And the pattern is fantastic, too.  So simple.  So pretty.



I’ve got about (just a guess) 30 or 40 yards of the yarn left, just enough for a row or two on the ends of a stole, maybe?



I also – can’t lie – really like the outfit that I put together for yesterday afternoon’s photo shoot.  I think I may wear it to work tomorrow.  Those Gap & Target “tissue-weight” turtlenecks are my FAVORITE.  Perfect for layering with handknits 🙂  The skirt was thrifted (Goodwill!) and boots are LLBean.



But really, this outfit is all about the shawl 🙂



I love it!


PS> The bits that were purplish-red by lamplight?  Out in the daylight they’re clearly reddish-purple.  I think I’m safe 😀


2 responses to “Justice

  1. Ooooooh! Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

    Funny, I know that feeling – the “I don’t want it to be done!” one. Seldom have it, but it HAS happened. (Usually I’m all, “Oh, I want to do this OTHER thing now! Kin I do this other thing YET?”)

  2. It’s lovely! I adore teal on redheads.

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