Encyclopedia of Meeeee: B is for…

B is for…


Blueberries.  I’ve kind of got a thing for them.  They’re delicious and incredibly healthy, for one, but I also love the color and think they’re just as adorable as can be.  Plus they remind me of Canada and Minnesota.  Oh, and I was Mrs. Blueberry on Weddingbee 🙂

Beef.  I don’t eat it.  Nor do I eat pork.  But I don’t mind wearing leather.  I know, I know.

Bags.  I’m not one of those “change bags every day to match my outfit” kind of girls.  I’ve got a few which I use for a few months apiece, then rotate when I get bored.  In general, I prefer cross-body bags, and they’ve gotta be high quality and durable.  No pleather or $10 Wal-Mart numbers for me!  My current bag is by Fossil, black leather with contrast stitching.  It’s cross-body and big enough for all my daily necessities (wallet, phone, camera, mp3 player, reusable shopping bag, odds-and-ends, sock in progress, keys and fingerless gloves).

Bills.  I don’t pay any of the bills, or take care of any of the finances in our house.  That’s 100%, completely Jeff’s territory (it’s for both of our good).  Of course, I have the right to check up on things as often as I want,  and we have equal say in how the money’s spent.  It works great for me (yippee no stress!) and Jeff (yippee the bills are paid on time!).

Boxers.  I often give Jeff a pair for his birthday, Christmas, etc.  My favorites have Darth Vader on them and they say “Sith Happens.”  I gave them to him for…our first Christmas, maybe?

Baking.  Even though I haven’t been blogging about it very much lately, I’m still baking a lot.   I love it.  It’s fun and relaxing and – oh yeah – delicious! (I think the reason I haven’t been blogging it is that food shots are soooo unappetizing in artificial light, and that’s usually the only light I cook by).

Blogging.  Before I found my home here, I had a Xanga blog started in 2006 while I was planning my wedding (and I still cross-post all my content there).  Before that, I had one or two other Xangas dating back to the angsty teen days (no links – let’s just let dead, bad blogs lie, eh?).  Before that, I was on the now-defunct Teen Open Diary.  That’s for the best.  The me from eight or ten years ago was not a fun me to read 😛  I hope to be here on WordPress for a good long time 🙂

2 responses to “Encyclopedia of Meeeee: B is for…

  1. I really love the Encyclopedia of Me idea. Do you mind if I steal it? You are lucky to have a designated bill payer at your house. We’re both awful at it.

  2. I was totally on Teen Open Diary. Wow, you just gave me a major flashback. FTW. 🙂

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