Mark your calendars!

As some of you might recall, this spring my mom started making jewelryA lot of jewelry.

Up ’till now, she’s been content to just make items and sell them to co-workers from a cigar box with an angel on it (no I’m not kidding), or to give them to me for, erm, publicity purposes.


The time has now come, though, for her to move on to much bigger and better things…


A bigger cigar box with an angel on it!


Or, uh, craft shows.  Real ones!  With displays and signs and strangers buying stuff!


This Saturday, Mom (photo for identification purposes) will have a booth here:


So if you’re in the Kansas City area, please feel free to stop by and shop, or just say “hi”, or bring us both grande soy chai lattes.  Whatever 😀


But wait!  There’s more!


On Saturday November 21st, Mom and her jewelry partner Peggy will have a booth at the Oak Park High School craft fair, as well (link).

(My high school had a longstanding rivalry with Oak Park, though I’ll be sure to hold my nose in the air and put on a sour face when I step into the building :-P)


Mom is also working on scheduling some more shows (maybe even outside the Kansas City area!) for this winter and next spring. I’ll let you know as soon as I do!


Finally, a message from the artist, Kathy Monson, herself:

The recession is over.  It’s time to buy jewelry again.


Now that’s some advice I can take to heart! 🙂


Hope to see you on the 7th and/or 21st!


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