(Mostly) Sans photo

Man, this lack of daylight is really messing with my blogging schedule.  I can no longer dash home at night, grab the camera and run outside for a few quick photos of whatever before the light is gone, because the light is gone before I even leave work.

This happens every year, yet still surprises me every year.  Why?

~Last night we went to Jeff’s parents’ house for Linda’s birthday dinner.  Jeff’s sister and aunt were there, and it was a really good time.  Sherrill (aunt) is an all around awesome person, and I always love catching up with her.  And Laura (sister) saw me knitting and – for a reason that I’m sure is COMPLETELY unrelated – voiced her affection for thick cozy socks.  No idea why.  At one point earlier in the evening, my MIL and aunt-by-marriage and I were sitting at the dining table, talking about playing with hot candle wax and drying Elmer’s glue on our palms, and it was AWESOME.  No comment on the Charlie-head-on-a-stick, though.  That was pretty weird, Linda. 😛

~The craft show in Kansas City last weekend went REALLYSUPERWELL, or REALLYSUPERCRAPPY, depending on how you look at it.  I’ve got photos, just need to stick ’em onto Flickr.  It was a good time, though, that much is for sure.

~One of the benefits of having a bonafide jewelry designer so readily accessible is that on Sunday morning I plunked myself down at the dining room table (aka Mom’s Jewelry Workstation) and said “I want a copper necklace and I want it to have orange and brown beads and be really fall-y.”  And just a couple hours later, I had it!  (I also tried to take a photo of it just now, with my crappy point-and-shoot, under the fluorescent lights at work but DUDE.  No.  Not sharin’ that.)

~Rumor has it that Anthropologie has clearance marked down, so I may try and check that out this weekend.  Like hell I’m gonna pay $168 for a skirt.   But $29.99 for the same item? Yes, please!

~As you all saw yesterday, I’ve written my Knit List for winter 2009 (I refuse to assign a 12/25 deadline, ’cause that’s just a recipe for failure).  It’s quite long, but in a motivating and inspiring way, not in a stressful way – YET.  Watch me eat my words come 12/22 or so.  Oh and best of all, I can go stash diving for most of the yarn!

~I made a chocolate cheesecake for last night’s family dinner, and it was AWEEEEESOME.  Usually I’m pretty modest about my baking – really, I’m not doing anything unique or spectacular.  But when it comes to chocolate cheesecake, that all flies out the window.  I ROCK the chocolate cheesecake.

~I find as I get older, my Christmas wish list gets shorter and cheaper.  No longer do I whine and beg for a CD/cassette player or a Rollerblade Baby (Want to know how many times I played with that damn thing?  ONCE.  For like five minutes.  But it didn’t go NEARLY as quickly as in the commercials.  Then my brother tried to trip it with a piece of string and it got caught in the wheels and we got bored and went off to play with Legos and what do you think that says about kids’ play, huh?  Huh?), my list to Mom and Dad this year consisted of “I’d love it if you’d make me more jewelry, and there’s a great hoodie from LLBean, and I could use some institutional-quality cookie sheets too please.  I also like yarn.”  8-year-old Katie would consider 24-year-old Kate to be BOOOO-RINNNNG but I don’t care, it’s awesome.  Nothin’ wrong with practicality, that’s all I’m saying.  And all that stupid Rollerblade Baby did was fall over, anyway.

~Have you ever noticed that, as a grown-up, you’re ALWAYS tired to some degree or in some fashion?  I’d almost swear it’s like the mono I had this summer…right now I’m exhausted and my head hurts, but as soon as I get home tonight I’ll feel right as rain again.  So I know it’s just situational (IE, not wanting to be at work :-P).

Happy Wednesday, everyone.   Spay and neuter your pets. The world has enough Roxies as it is.


One response to “(Mostly) Sans photo

  1. I love this picture of you dog. She looks how I feel half of the time. 🙂

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