Our first craft show

I promised a more comprehensive rundown of the craft show from Saturday 11/7, and here it is.  But first, I need to disclaimer – that morning I suffered one of those Blogger’s Brain Farts.  I took a few pictures at the beginning of our setup, then nothing else for the entire duration.

As I mentioned in my post announcing the show, this one was mainly just for practice – we didn’t go into it with high expectations, and we also went in knowing that there were things to change – we didn’t have much of an idea for displays (though I’ve got big plans and ideas for that, now!  I think we’ll really be improving it soon :-)), no business cards – still no business NAME, for that matter.  So it’s not like we signed up for this thing expecting to walk away as millionaires.

(Especially not me, since I don’t get paid for my assistance :-P)

It’s a good thing we didn’t get too invested in it, because the show was *small* and the clientele was all wrong for Mom’s designs.

I always say that there are two types of crafters and two types of shows.  There’s the “2×4’s painted like snowmen” crowd (country kitschy crappy), and then there are the artisans.  Unique designs, attention to detail, quality materials.  Creativity.  Workmanship.

Saturday’s show was of the “2×4’s painted like snowmen” variety.   To say the turnout and audience were disappointing would be an understatement.  To say we made money would be an overstatement.

To say we had fun?  THAT would be an understatement.

One of the benefits of a disappointing craft show is the opportunity to chat with those at nearby booths.  That’s how Mom and I met Denniely, owner of My Beautiful Bows (website forthcoming) and my new BFF.  Mom and I had seven more-or-less uninterrupted hours to chat with her, and to admire her bow clips.

Though they were created to be little girls’ hair clips, I found that they make PERFECT shawl pins:

So I bought three – one to go with each shawl in my wardrobe.  They can also be clipped onto hats, sweaters, ponytails, and yes – as barrettes.  I only wish I had a Hoopling to wear them as well 😀

(I may drag this out into a second post, as well, later this week)

Our across-the-aisle neighbors were the ladies of My Sweet Potatoes, and I’ve gotta say – as cute as those little stuffed giraffes look in the photos?  They’re that much cuter in real life.  Again with the desire for a Hoopling!

Anyway, I promised a few photos of our booth, as it was last weekend:

Hopefully by next weekend’s show (and if not then, DEFINITELY by the December shows), it’ll have a whole different look.  I’m thinking…black cloth, subtly different levels to set apart the differing jewelry styles, stands/displays which better suit each item, and a little more “oomph” to draw people in.  It looks AWESOME in my head,  I tell you what.  And if I could draw worth a darn, I’d try and sketch it out.  But that wouldn’t really sell the idea 😛

Mom bought these HUGE gems (paperweights, I think?) and had them scattered about.

The necklace on the left is Mom’s, the two on the right were by her “jewelry partner” and friend Peggy.

Mom found these ornament displays somewhere, and repurposed them to hold earrings:

For the next show, we’re only going to put Mom’s more “glam” earrings on these, and put the vintage- and natural-looking styles on a more fitting display.

I love this china hand, though I’m not sure if it’ll fit into our ultimate vision for the display:

Doesn’t it look cool with that necklace draped on it, though?  Oh and those tiny earrings on black cards in front are Mom’s “gnome” earrings – they’re sterling silver and tiiiiiiny lampwork beads, and they’re the most petite and comfortable earrings I’ve ever worn.  I love them! (and it’s worth noting that at $4 a pair, we sold more of these than we did everything else.  Combined.)

Finally, the artiste herself, looking not at all psychotic:

(Recognize her shawl?)

As I said, it wasn’t a great financial success, but it was a good learning experience and a FANTASTIC time.

This weekend:  Oak Park high school craft fair!  I *think* I’m going to KC for this one as well.

Hope to see you there!


One response to “Our first craft show

  1. Oh my! Your mom makes beautiful things. I totally understand about not being the right venue. My sisters and I make custom handbags and tried the flea market venue. That didn’t work well at all. We still had fun getting together as we live in three different states.

    Do you sell your shawls?

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