I’m not a high maintenance type of person.  No, really, I’m not.  Stop laughing.  I appreciate the finer things in life, but where clothes are concerned my idea of “finer things” is a cozy LLBean sweater and some sturdy and comfy cowboy boots.  Quality over quantity and all that.

I’ve shared my affection for 518’s in the past, but I realized just how singularly devoted I’d become when I went into the Levi’s outlet a couple weeks ago.  An employee greeted me with “Hi can I help you find anything today?”

All I had to say was: “518’s”, and he pointed me in the right direction.   I grabbed a couple pairs of size 5’sand a couple pairs of size 7’s (I’m right between sizes; since every pair of jeans is slightly different I try to find longish biggish 5’s or smallish 7’s.), tried them on, and that was that.

Two pairs in hand, I headed to the checkout.

I was in and out of the store in 10 minutes.

This brings my total to seven pairs of 518’s, five that are in “wear out of the house” condition and two that probably aren’t.  I love these jeans.  I’m curvy, and the low rise accentuates them in all the right places (with absolutely no muffin top).   They’re amazingly comfy, and the quality is superb.  What’s not to love?

As far as jeans are concerned, me and my 518’s are NOT high maintenance.

(Let’s just not talk about “high maintenance” regarding tops and bras and shawls and shoes, mm’kay?)

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