Spam comment o’ the day

Just had to share what my spam filter caught this morning…

Why hello associate forum people! I right-minded wanted to set up myself here as this looks like a sheer absorbing forum! I myself am gripping in things like writeing and computer repair so if anyoune needs steal farm out me remember! I also Suffer from Sciatica so if you aslo secure this disease let me know so we can allowance some stretches!



What wonderful news!  I have “a sheer absorbing forum” (!


Anyoune (whoever you are), please don’t steal from this poor person.  He/she seems especially concerned about possession of their farm.  Perhaps it has been in the Spammer family for many generations, or perhaps Spammer was speculating on the land and just got a great offer from Bass Pro Shops, who are scouting the location of their next Outdoor World supercenter.  (though I suspect that stealing aforementioned farm wouldn’t be an especially tricky undertaking.  I bet you could just hang a sign out front saying “Anyoune’s farm now”, and our esteemed spammer would keep on movin’.  Honestly, I’m not sure they realized they had a farm in the first place, and I think their claim that “me remember” is dubious at best.  This is a golden opportunity for you, Anyoune!  Seize it!)


Babelfish has failed you, Spammer.  But all is well, for I’ve had my morning chortle.


PS> Spammer, here‘s a handy link to some excercises to help your sciatica.  Personally, I hope to never “secure” the condition (it’s not actually a disease), as “poor typing skills” is apparently a secondary symptom.

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