I’ve got so much I’m excited about, that I still can’t talk about!  But I’ll try.  Let’s see here…


1)I have a BRILLIANT Christmas gift idea for [censored].  The inspiration just appeared one day, as good inspiration always does.  I think [censored] will love it.  The only thing is that timing will be tricky, but I think I can make it work.  I discussed the [censored] with [censored], and he/she suggested that I come up with a unique way to [censored] so that [censored] doesn’t suspect anything.  I think it’ll be awesome; I’ve just got to make it work!

2)I’m working steadily on another gift for [censored].  Do you ever get yourself so worked up about something, trying to get it exactly perfect, that no matter WHAT you end up doing it seems like a disappointment?  That’s sort of what I’m facing on [censored]’s gift.  I tried so many different things, that now that I’ve found one which is great, I’m tempted to try again to achieve AWESOME.  I’m also trying to resist the urge.

3)I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving this year.  I always love [censored]’s [censored] (oh wait.  I don’t have to censor that.  That’ll be “Dad’s cooking.” :-P)  I’m bringing my homemade honey oat bread, and am hoping that there’s lots of turkey left over so I can make white chili, slow-cooker bbq turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey soup…

4)[Censored]’s, a co-worker, is having a birthday tomorrow.  So I’m bringing in a [censored] that should be AWESOME.  I may photoblog it tonight, in the piss-poor light.  I couldn’t find any ideal-looking recipes for it online, so I’m basing it off my tried-and-true [censored] recipe and adding new and creative elements, [censored] and [censored].  It will be delicious, I’m sure.

Oh! But here’s one thing I CAN talk about, a test knit which I recently completed.


Rachel contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I’d be interested in knitting up a sample for her out of a new 50 silk/50 wool blend that she’s trying out.  So she dyed up a hank and sent it my way, and in just 8 days (would’ve been less if I weren’t such a lazy ass) turned it into Damson:

This was my first time getting to test knit a yarn (The Sideways Spencer Redux I made a couple years back was my first – and still only – test-knitted pattern), and it was a lot of fun!  I felt like a yarn pioneer.  And, being the talkative and opinionated sort that I am, I really enjoyed getting to offer my feedback on the yarn.  I continue to adore Rachel’s dyeing skills; the semisolid cool teal was perfect for this pattern, I think.  And I LOVED how much the yarn softened up as I soaked it; it was so silky-soft to start out with, I hadn’t possibly thought it could get any better!


Mmm.  Love it.


There are currently 737 other Damsons on Rav, and I can’t believe that number isn’t even higher.  The pattern was SUCH a quick, easy, and fun knit!  The only thing I’ll do differently next time (because  I WILL be making it again), is I’ll BO after the lace panel ends and crochet on that little eyelet edging.  It took me 2 hours to knit that edging, and would’ve been about 20 minutes to crochet it.

(see the fuzz above? Just enough to be squishysoft, not enough to look sloppy)


I love the shoulder-hugging shape; so much, in fact, that now that I have two (Ishbel and Damson) I never wear my other shawls in the traditional way anymore – I always wear those over one shoulder, or like a scarf, now.


Everything about this experience was so wonderful, that I’d LOVE to have the opportunity to test knit again soon.  It really is a cool privilege!


Though I’ve gotta confess, I’m still having a lot of “who me?” feelings.  Wait…you think I’m a good knitter?  Me?  No way.  Apparently I’m better at faking it than I thought, because seriously y’all, I am NOT all that.


I think I’m eventually supposed to turn this shawl over to Rachel for her use in displays and whatnot, but not until I wear it several more times and have the chance to get some decent photos! Oh, what a hardship… 🙂



PS>I’m going to try and take better pictures of Damson this weekend, when hopefully I’ll have a bit more daylight.

PPS> The top in the photos is from Urban Outfitters, and Mom designed the necklace.  Isn’t it perfect?



4 responses to “Opportunity

  1. That shawl is gorgeous! I love the color.

  2. Wow! I really need to get a move on and knit my Damson. Yours looks lovely 🙂

  3. Damson is beautiful! What a great color.

  4. That is a pretty shawl and I really like that shirt. I haven’t been able to find much from UO lately…did you get it recently?

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