Isn’t it funny…

…how the longer you stay away from a blog, the easier it is NOT to blog, but the worse you feel about it?

And now it’s been too long (in my terms, anyway – I can’t think of the last time I was away from the blog for an entire week) to just jump back in like nothing happened, so let me say this:

1)If you haven’t already discovered Josh Ritter, go listen to all of his music.  Now.  On repeat.  Then fall in love, like I did.

2)I came up with the idea for a brilliant Thanksgiving post, but didn’t put it up on Thanksgiving.  In fact, it still lives in my head.  We’ll see if it actually comes out or not…

3)I have some amazingly horrible low-light photos of some amazingly beautiful yarn, but let’s just say this:  I took full advantage of the Knitorious after-Thanksgiving sale, and it was wonderful yarn gluttony.  I gorge myself on yarn and it feels wonderful.

4)Tea is amazing.  So is Diet Coke (I had to throw that in somewhere).

5)Just because I want to keep it right up-top.  Behold, again, what has now been christened “The Big Mac“:

The Big Mac is currently living out its days in our trash bin, ’till next Wednesday where the garbagemen will laugh at it and it will end up in a landfill where the seagulls will laugh at it.

6)  “The main obligation is to amuse yourself.” – S.J. Perelman.  I think Imma have to cross-stitch this and hang it on my craft room wall.


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