Work Christmas party last night.  I accidentally made a joke about mooning in front of a client.  (Luckily, no actual mooning happened.  And in my defense, the joke occurred in one of those elevators with clear sides – so the circumstances were practically BEGGING for said joke – and I didn’t know that it was a client at the time.)

We may be going to Chicago in February.  Jeff has the opportunity to attend a public interest law career fair.  (Which means I have the opportunity to shop on Michigan Ave. and re-visit Loopy Yarns.)

I’m going to start saving my pennies for above-mentioned shopping, starting now.  (Err….starting after I go to DSW this morning, that is).

My mom is currently in Kirksville for a craft/art show up there.  I wish I could’ve gone (see: Christmas party last night).

I’m still toying with the idea of starting a daily style blog.  Not because I think my style is anything exceptional, but just because it seems like it would be fun.  (However, this may be one of those things that’s more fun to think about than it is to actually do.)

This afternoon I’ll be digging into a beautiful yarn for what will hopefully be another fantastic test-knit.  The skein is so lovely, though, that I kind of just want to stare at it forever.  (But that wouldn’t really be “test knitting” anymore.  In fact, were I to just keep the pretty skein sitting around I think it’d just be “being a bitch and stealing yarn.”)

13 days ’till Christmas.  We should really get the tree and decorations up at some point… (Why aren’t I motivated to do so?  I’m still not ready to let go of autumn, I guess.)

I miss daylight (I have like 48 billion FOs to photograph.)


2 responses to “Parenthetical

  1. Please start a style blog. THANKS.


  2. A trip to Chicago!!!! May I go along to carry your bags? Possibly to fund some yarn purchases? I want to go!

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