Things Which Make Me Happy

1) Diet Coke

2) Kittens

3) Puppy

4) Jeff being done with finals (tomorrow!)

5) Themyscira

I’ve posted before about how certain socks and projects have or develop a lot of meaning for me – knitting surrounded by family and good conversation, knitting in a beautiful location, knitting to get through a rough or stressful time.

Usually I don’t contrive to pair a project with a situation – I let the meaning emerge naturally, if it will at all. But I have to confess that in this case, I thought long and hard about which socks should see me through our first craft fair and a book signing by Pioneer Woman.  It was a no-brainer – I wanted these good associations to be entwined with my skein of Dyeabolical Yarns‘ Themyscira colorway:

And just like I’d planned, I knitted at the craft show, and I knitted on long car trips, and I knitted waiting in an interminable line, and then I took them on my 8:20 and 5:35 everyday train rides and now they’re finished:

And I couldn’t be happier.

This is one of those yarns, interestingly enough, that looks completely different in the skein than it does knitted and on my feet.   A delightful surprise, to be sure – it’s almost like twice the enjoyment!  I was really pleased with the very regular stripes that resulted from the pattern (and I’d like to think I’m enough of a grownup by now to not be affected by the big blobs of pooling that invariably appear over the gussets), which somehow simultaneously highlight the vivid blue and deep red, and allow the golds and greens to fade into the background a bit.  Such a happy result.

They’re insane and loud and weird and just crazy enough to be *incredible*.  I love how the Sunday Swing pattern worked out: very subtle, but adding just enough dimension – and breaking up the stripes just enough – to really play well with the awesome, personality-filled yarn.

If you’re so inclined, more details are on Rav.

But for now, I’ve gotta go.   These photos are hurting my eyes – in a good way 😀


3 responses to “Things Which Make Me Happy

  1. wow, those socks are preeeeetty!

  2. what awesome yarn and what cozy socks!!!

  3. “These photos are hurting my eyes”

    *snerk* Seen from space, my friend. Seen from space.

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