The reality

I do this to myself every year.

You crafty/homey/bakey types know just what I’m talking about.  In the next 3 days not only do I need to finish making three gifts, but I’ve also gone and committed myself to another year of baking craziness – craziness that I love, of course.

Earlier this morning I emailed my mother-in-law about the items I’ll be bringing to the Christmas Eve dinner at their house.  It’s not going to be much, just some gourmet cheese and homemade crackers, the preservative-filled pinwheels (tortillas filled with herb-y cream cheese, green onions, and shredded cheddar) that my husband so loves, and a red velvet cake.  She responded,

That’s sounds like a lot of work!  Are you sure you want to do all that?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I hadn’t even mentioned the two batches of M&M cookies, the 4 or 5 double batches of fudge, or the snickerdoodles, lemonade drops, sugar cookies, mint snowballs, cinnamon rolls, and whatever else I’m crazy enough to tuck into the metal tins this year.

This on top of the aforementioned three gifts to finish, the wrapping, and all the usual household-y stuff that won’t wait just because I’m otherwise committed.
(Say, maybe that’s the ticket – maybe I should just be committed).


2 responses to “The reality

  1. Three things to say:

    1. Thank you for the comment and the shared love of plaid skirts! I’m glad somebody gets it!

    2. Those pinwheel thingies are the MOST DELICIOUS.

    3. You are seriously talented! Love the socks and the shawl both.

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