I invented a gang sign for knitting.  It’s really cool.  I’ll show you sometime (now is not the time).

Now, actually, is the time to talk about knitting in 2009, and what the year was for me.

2009 was a holding pattern, life-wise.  Just trudging along, counting down the days till Jeff is done with law school and the good stuff starts.  Knitting-wise, though, it was a year of great development and (thanks to half an hour of train commuting daily) productivity.

In 2009 I knitted…

15 pairs of socks – 12 pairs for me, 3 for Jeff, and one for my sister-in-law

5 shawls – 4 for me, 1 for a dear friend

5 sweaters – 4 me-sized, 1 Jeff-sized

17 other bibs and bobs of miscellany – hats, table runners, cowls, fingerless gloves

Even though I took a fair stab at – and ultimately gave up on – NaKniSweMoDo (glad I never committed!), 2009 was still a year of very productive knitting.

For me, 2009 really boils down to…


So sayeth Kate.

Happy new year, everyone!  See ya in 2010 🙂

5 responses to “Yo

  1. This should be published in a magazine! It is a wonderful display of your work! Did you make the red shoes, too?!! Love you.

  2. A year of socks, how fun! What will 2010 be the year of? Can’t wait to find out. (: Happy New Year, Kate!

  3. oh goodness, envy has struck. i love the look of your snuggly socks.
    i just learned how to knit, and i am NOT good, so i have knitting-envy. what lovely things you’ve made!

  4. WOW! That’s a LOT of socks. I keep wishing I could knit and drive at the same time so I could get lots done during my commute, but I haven’t quite figured out a safe way to do that yet. Hope you have a wonderfully knitty 2010!

  5. Oops, forgot to paste my URL, was visiting after you left a comment on my blog, thanks for coming by!

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