Ishbel, My Belle

The first Christmas gift I finished was actually the last one I gave – a full-sized Ishbel for my mom:

It is (obviously) the larger sized version of the pattern, which makes for a generous scarf neck wrap or a shawl that goes past the middle of the back.

Mom picked out the yarn (and pattern, for that matter) herself; it’s Mountain Colors Winter Lace in the colorway “Crazy Woman” (how fitting! :-D).  It reminds me of a desert sunset (not that I’ve ever actually seen a desert sunset, but never you mind.)  Best of all, the skein was ~1200 yards, so I have enough left to at *least* make a small sized one for myself (and maybe actually a large one – will have to weigh the finished shawl and the remaining yarn and see which quantity is larger :-)).

The yarn behaves a lot like the Jaggerspun Zephyr that I used for my Invisibility Shawl (and which I still have a fair bit of, left in my stash).  I love working with wool/silk blends (Damson was another great one!); they seem to pick up the best properties of each fiber.  And the luster and softness of the finished product just can’t be beat.

I’m normally a selfish knitter anyway, but this one was *really* hard to give away.  Mom loves it, though, so I guess I’ll let her keep it.

(Plus, if I tried to take it away at this point she’d probably tell me again how her c-section scar still hurts, and how she was in labor with me for two days, and all those times I almost gave her a heart attack when I was in high school.  Guilt: my mother’s most effective tool)


4 responses to “Ishbel, My Belle

  1. That…is…WOW. Your momma is lucky. She better make you some jewelry.

  2. Once again our work is absolutely stunning!! You have such talent!!

  3. Oh wow wow wow! Very nice!

    (I am so jealous of your even stitches! :))

  4. It’s lovely! Looks really beautiful in that yarn. And I love the shots of your snowy garden!

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