Friday Favorites – 1-15-10

Late in the day on this one – I spent my free time at work cooking up an *awesome* new idea!  Can’t wait to take it public…

Anyway, here we go:

This may actually be good advice.  But it’s also kinda weird.  But kinda cool.  I’m divided, obviously.

Big LOLs live here, on Lamebook.

The Corporate Chick’s (aka Alissa’s) post yesterday really resonated with me – how to do business casual in a non-boring way?

Too true, too true.  Makes me want to go clean my room, right now.  (Well, as soon as I finish this post, anyway)

Sandy a la Mode’s blog is new, and I already adore it! I can’t wait to try her peanut butter cookie recipe.

This post by PW made me realllllly want a 35mm lens.  Y’know, to buy with all that money I have sitting around.

Wonderful, hilarious, little post by the Yarn Harlot.  You don’t even have to be a knitter to appreciate it.

I’m not usually drawn to quilts that are so carefully planned, but this one by Monster Crochet just takes my breath away.  In the words of Liz Lemon (albeit in different context), “I want to go there.”

Wise words from a mom.

The Avatar/Pocahontas comparison has been all over Teh Intertubes lately, but just in case you missed it

Another great post by Sally at Already Pretty, on the topic of body appreciation.

Michelle at Chic Critique showcases a BRILLIANT new way to wear your scarf.  I’m going to do this forever and ever – I love it!!!

Seal bomb!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

(My plans – Jeff is teaching an LSAT prep class this weekend, so I’m largely on my own.  Which translates into lots of cleaning & housework, baking bread, and maybe checking out Scholar Shop.   But I bet you guys are all gonna go do stuff like climb Pike’s Peak, have breakfast at Tiffany’s and negotiate peace in the Middle East, and then I’m gonna feel like a real dumbass for being excited about buying a $10 dress or knitting a scarf or somesuch.  Thanks a lot, guys.  Really.  Ya meanies.)


One response to “Friday Favorites – 1-15-10

  1. Thanks darling! I wish I had the ANSWER to how to do business causaul in a non-boring way!

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