A New Era, or at least a fun diversion

Two things have happened lately which have made me become much more zen in my approach to knitting.  As I’m normally pretty much the anti-zen, this is a major accomplishment.

1)I frogged the entire leg of a knee-high Lakeside sock on the train on Friday morning, after realizing that it was WAY too small.  Three weeks of train- car- and waiting-knitting, down the drain.  Surprisingly, I neither cried nor gnashed my teeth.  I just ripped the damn thing out and CO again, using US2’s.  Worse things have happened in the world than the loss of a sock leg.  I survived.

This directly leads to…


What may look like a blob of green yarn on my radiator is actually the start to a Shalom cardigan, out of Cascade Eco+.  I like the idea of Shalom, I LOVE SouleMama‘s execution of it, but I have no idea if it will look that cute on me (I’ll be adding sleeves to mine, too).  Two years ago, this would’ve prevented me from knitting the thing.  But now that I’ve frogged 200 yards of lace with nary a tear, frogging 500 yards of bulky yarn is nothing.  I’ll knit it, I’ll block it, I’ll try it on, I’ll see how it looks.  I’ve even got a plan for if Shalom doesn’t work – I’ll pick up another skein of the Eco+ and knit one of Jared Flood’s blankets, inspired by Sandy at Knitorious.

I don’t know how long this “zen knitting” philosophy will last (hopefully long enough that I don’t go postal when I have to frog and re-knit the waist decreases on my February Fitted Pullover FOR THE THIRD TIME), but it’s nice while it’s here.  Even though it’s completely out of character for me, I think I like it.


2 responses to “A New Era, or at least a fun diversion

  1. Knitting leads to patience.

  2. Yeah, I would’ve probably slit my wrists and sworn off knitting for at least another 10 years. Good for you – I have much less patience.

    Pretty sweater. It’ll look find on you.

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