The iPod that I got for Christmas was my first one, ever.  It’s BRIGHTPINK and shiny and smooth and beautiful and I love it, and I never ever want anything to happen to it.  So I purchased a clear silicone case for it.  But that wasn’t enough.

So I started searching on Ravelry for a case pattern.  I knew just what I wanted – sock yarn, double-thick (more cushioning), a secure little strap to hold it closed, a pocket on the front for my earbuds, and a hole in the bottom for the hold button.

You know where this is going…there was nothing out there that was *quite* like what I was picturing.  So I sketched out a little schematic, made a few calculations and measurements and spent a lot of time turning it over and visualizing it in my head.  So I pulled out a scrap of Trekking XXL (the blue/purple) and one of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock (the semisolid blue).  The next day, I had a prototype completed:

It seemed pretty much perfect.

My Nano lived cozily inside (pictured here without the silicone skin), and the pocket is the perfect size for my earbuds + cord.

(you can sort of see, also, how the lining layer is knitted in that same contrasting color I used for the pocket).

I found the perfect button in my button-box:

I was even able to work in the hole for that hold button:

(kind of hard to see, but easy to access by feel)

For a first run, I don’t think it turned out too badly.  But you know how I am – as soon as I finished my prototype, I started thinking… “what if I decrease a couple more stitches right at the turn?”  “what if I make that strap just a bit wider?”  “what if I use a button without a shank?”

So just a few hours later…

Wider strap, shankless button, 2 fewer stitches on the inner layer.  And a different sock yarn this time – recognize those leftovers?  It’s the LL again, this time paired with my remnant from my blueberry pie waffle socks.  Every time I look at it (which is frequently), it reminds me of my happy time in Minnesota 🙂

I’m happier with this one than I was with the first, but we’re still not 100% there.  I am not that wild about the decreases on the strap, and I need to come up with a simpler way to join the two layers at the hold button hole; right now the inner layer slips apart from the outer.

(with silicone skin this time)

But as I said, I’m getting there.  Designing is so new to me – it’s really fun to twist my brain around and see what it can come up with! (mostly just brainjuice and dust, but I guess there’s an idea or two in the muck as well)

PS > Thank you, everyone for your comments on my new layout!  It’s my first time fooling around with it (I’d been using the same theme since I started using WordPress in Feb. 2008.  It was time for a change! 🙂


6 responses to “Snuggledown

  1. That looks great! I wish I had one of those for my phone, it gets so scratched kicking around in my bag

  2. You are super talented!

  3. How clever and colorful! Well done!

  4. great job..
    i like those pocket..
    hey the first pocket’s button seems like the earphone !! wonderfull 🙂

  5. I love it! Would certainly do a much better job of keeping mine all neat, tidy & safe.

  6. Love it!!! I need one for my ‘pod. Wanna make me one??? 😀

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