Bad Dog Backlog

I was browsing my Flickr photostream (self-centered, much?) this morning and realized thatwe had a Major Household Event last month, which I never got around to posting about – Roxie’s 2nd birthday.

Somewhere along the line, it became tradition in my family that whenever a goggie has her birfday, said goggie gets a whole (plain) McDonald’s hamburger all to herself.  So that’s exactly what we did in December:

Wow, I don’t look at all disheveled or psychotic there, do I? Nope, not at all.  I’m sure.

(“Momma I no wat u haz dere and I wants it!”)

(“Y u no bringz it down a me, Momma? Iz OK, I jump up an’ get it myself.”)


(If only everyone were so easy to please.)

One response to “Bad Dog Backlog

  1. Aww! Roxie looks very excited about her hamburger.

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