Friday Favorites – 1/22/10

I love my own oatmeal cookie recipe, but I’m always willing to give a new one a spin!  Will report back shortly 🙂

This one goes out to my nerdy husband; for him there is only one Captain Kirk.

I’m just surprised the cat didn’t eat the Skittle.

I guess it’s a two-fer on recipes today – cherry lime bread!

This makes me miss my own hermit crabs.  But I don’t miss the smell, the work, or the occasional dead crab.  So I guess what I really is looking at hermit crabs 😛

I can’t wait to try Sandy A La Mode’s kale chips! (can ya tell I’ve got food on the mind today? :-P)

Carole has come up with another *beautiful* FO – chevron love mittens!  Almost enough to make me wanna learn intarsia…

I walk through here every day, to work (well, sort of.)

SO FUNNY.  The Internet really does have everything, doesn’t it?

This kind of stuff is generally a bit too Martha-y for me, but in this case, I love it!


One response to “Friday Favorites – 1/22/10

  1. Dude. I still don’t know wtf FO means. Can’t figure it out.

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