Picture Perfect

There’s no denying that Macbeth is very photogenic, as far as cats go (though honestly, I don’t know of many who aren’t).  So yesterday when he posed himself in my favorite chair with the light shining on him just so, I grabbed my Nikon off the coffee table and tried to capture a few images of him before he decided to retreat back under the bed.

Of course, we live with a dog who probably needs to be on Xanax and Ritalin. So the Super! Exciting! Movement! stirred her as well, and all I had the chance to capture was…

(Please note – that mysterious white object at the very bottom of the frame is NOT a massive dust bunny, but merely a remnant of Roxie’s latest conquest over the Evil Dog Bed)

And he was off, running from the big yellow dog.

It was nice while it lasted, but I guess you just had to be there.


3 responses to “Picture Perfect

  1. Aww. That first picture really came out well.

  2. That IS pretty perfect! Love MacBeth. I need to do a kitty photoshoot!

  3. Linda, Bob and Molly

    Is that the new chair? It’s lovely!


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