The little moments

My life, right now, is not the most exciting one.  It goes something like this: wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, fix dinner, knit, go to sleep.  Somewhere in there I take the dog out ten or twenty times and usually put up a blog post or two.  Lately, though, I’m realizing that my day is made of smaller, more insignificant moments that bring happiness.  Little parts of my daily ritual whose absence I’d miss.

Moment such as…

putting on Rosebud (brambleberry rose) lip balm as I wait at the only stop light between my home and the train station.

turning on my iPod as it picks up at the same song I left it on the day before.

making my first cup of tea at work.

clearing out and sorting old emails – mindless and productive and almost soothing, in a work-y way.

shouting, “Have a good night, y’all” as I walk out the door at 5:27, to co-workers who are staying late.

HUGATTHEDOOR! with Jeff, right when I get home.

making dinner in the cast iron skillet (yes, almost every day.  without fail, I’ll use it for something).

hearing the Daily Show intro song at 10:00 sharp.  By then I’m usually stretched out on the couch with Jeff, often already half asleep.

I do every single one of these things almost every day (or at least, 5 days a week).  As with any habit, I barely notice that I do it, until I sit down – like right now – and think about it.  And even still, looking at them all listed above, it doesn’t look like much.  But the daily continuity really does bring a bit more brightness into my routine.

What are your daily rituals?

9 responses to “The little moments

  1. Thanks! This was excellent. It will make me think about the bits and pieces of my life.

    Plus, cast iron skillets are The Sh#t.

  2. Nice as always darling… I think we often forget the little habits we have during the day… like I ALWAYS check the mail immediately upon entering the house after work… :).

  3. KathyL from Ohio!

    I have a lot, but the best is when Sara gets home and we literally curl up on opposite ends of the couch and cover with the same blanket and talk. We do this almost every morning and every night.

  4. Lots and lots of rituals, but my favourite (or at least, the most peaceful one) is probably when I sit down for a quiet cup of tea after I’ve taken the kids to school!

  5. Hmmm…I like this post a lot and it got me thinking…I would say every morning when I’m taking my temperature my cat hears the thermometer and jumps on me and wants lots of pets. I also like when I drink my coffee in the morning. Finally, I enjoy the quietness of my kitchen just before we go to bed. I will probably post about this!

  6. Wake up.
    Grab Diet Dr. Pepper with crushed ice.
    Write blog.

  7. – Hear the baby.
    – Look at the clock.
    – Pretend I don’t hear the baby.
    – Hear the baby being louder.
    – Turn back the cover and begrudgingly get out of my nice warm bed.
    – Throw on slippers and sweatshirt.
    – Walk down short hallway.
    – Open door to nursery.
    – Smile at babbling baby smiling at me.
    – Unzip baby from sleep-sak.
    – Pick up baby.
    – Get actual hug around neck from baby.
    – Feel my entire body relax and be filled with love.

    Best part of my day.

  8. One of my favorite moments of the day is when I pull my Mazda MPV into the garage, turn it off, shut the garage door and lay my head back against the head rest. I am home. Do I have the strength to go inside? And do I really have to leave again tomorrow morning?

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