Bursting with Excitement

So d’you ever have something really exciting that you want to tell everyone, but you’ve gotta keep it a secret for X amount of time, and you try really hard and you mostly do good at that, and then you can finally tell everyone, and then you’re almost less excited than you would’ve been if you could’ve just told everyone a week and a half ago?

Well, no worries.  That’s not what happened to me – I’m STILL super excited to tell everyone…

Jen and I have started a daily style blog!  It has been pretty much the funnest thing EVER to work on, even though we’re both total newbies at the whole idea.  Heck, I didn’t even know how to buy a domain name until two weeks ago!  But we’ve got it now, and I’d like to cordially (umm…”cordially” means “with much squeeing and jumping and giggling”, right?) invite you to visit us at:


(“A Tale of Two Closets:   Jen and Kate + Attire.”)

Yep, we went literary AND pop culture-ary, all in one go 🙂

Please go visit, comment, add us to your reader, print out every post and wallpaper your boudoir with them, whatever.  And as you admire the awesome layout and the presence of the in-blog Twitter feed and real gen-u-wine _____@twoclosets.com email addresses, take a moment and tell Jen how awesome she is for getting it all set up.

Me, I’m in charge of wringing my hands and whining and coming up with stupid ideas for Jen to politely shoot down and adding WAY too many blogs to our blogroll (but that last one is hardly my fault because OMG there are so many wonderful style blogs out there!  I’m like a kid in a candy store.)

PS> We’re also on Twitter, here.

PPS>Yes, I’m fully intending to let this go to my head.  Poor Jeff; I’ll be insufferable soon.  (As if I weren’t skirting dangerously close to the border already)

PPS>This also means that my occasional style/BOOTS/clothing related posts will mostly be over there now.  Which is good for my readers who have no interest in that stuff (umm…any of y’all a nudist?).

5 responses to “Bursting with Excitement

  1. Who doesn’t like boots? Even my husband has a boot thing…of course his are “rougher” than I prefer, but he may have more than I do.

  2. Yay, another style blog for me to read! Am heading over there right now 🙂

  3. Oh my god hahaha Awww, do I really shoot down all of your ideas?

  4. Oooh exciting!! How do I add stuff to a reader… can you message me on Xanga and explain??? Thanks doll… Love!

  5. Yay! Can I make one suggestion? The pale blue links in the new blog are so pale that I’m having trouble reading them. Maybe make them a little darker blue like the links to the right of this blog?

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