Friday Favorites – 1-29-10

Ready…get set…GO!

An infuser so cute I almost can’t stand it.  LOVE!

I think I may print this out and hang it at pets’-eye-level in our house.

I’ve been borrowing my dad’s digital scale, and I bet it’s high time I return it.  Think I need one for myself, and this really floats my little boat!

It’s uncanny!

Mine too. (Jeff and I are in full agreement – when we buy a house, it WILL be old and it WILL have a ton of built-in bookshelves 🙂

This must be what happened to Macbeth.  Someone hugged him too much and now the floor shakes when he runs.

Sad thing is, I didn’t suspect that this was from The Onion.

My joke du jour for the past 14 jours, and will probably be for the next 14 jours, too.

I’ve been guilty of this a time or two, in the past.

Great thought-provoking (non-knitting-related) post by Samurai Knitter.

Remember Tinkerbell peel-off nail polish? I do!

My parents actually have something similar in their basement, and it’s either called “the cupboard under the stairs” a la Harry Potter, or “the dungeon for ill-behaved daughters” (a Dad original).  Luckily I haven’t been dungeoned (can I verb that?) in several years.

Something for the cat lovers.


Have a good weekend!  I’m gazing into my crystal ball, and predict that I will….bake bread….do laundry….walk the dog….try (and probably fail) to resist the temptation to thrift and/or antique shop.

Anybody got more exciting plans? Or more boring? Or plans at all? Bueller? Bueller?


One response to “Friday Favorites – 1-29-10

  1. I totally remember peel off nail polish. That stuff Rocked!

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