I’m honestly not sure what this post is about

I wish I had something cool! and exciting! to post about today but sadly, I am lacking.  I just opened up my Flickr photostream to see what interesting pictures I might’ve just put up but sadly, I am still lacking.

So, instead, let’s do one of those “ask me a question – any question – and I’ll make a post and answer it tomorrow” things, ok?  It’s fun for the whole family!*

But no post would be complete without a photo so…

(Roxie’s favorite “supervise the front door” spot)

*actually, it’s just sad for me if no one asks anything because it feels like coming in last in a popularity contest.  “Life?  Don’t talk to me about life…”.  Don’t make me be like Marvin.


5 responses to “I’m honestly not sure what this post is about

  1. I don’t know if you’ve covered it in another post or not, but how about telling us when and how you learned to knit? It’s always fun to hear about how the addiction started 🙂

  2. I’m still waiting for your furniture refinishing blog that you promised to post MONTHS ago.

  3. Tell us all about your dream LYS: what would it look like if you owned one or got to design one that you could hang out at all the time?

  4. What is the recipe for the delicious-looking confetti cake that you posted a million years ago for which I keep pestering you? 😀

  5. I have a dream if I’d ever, ever get hold of one million tax free dollars. I pretty much know how I’d spend/save/invest every dollar and the list of people that would also benefit, and how I would distribute every penny. Of course it would be so much easier if I had say, 24 million instead of just one, but this is my game, my question. Think carefully grasshopper, and tell this wise one…how would you spend your million. Details!! leave nothing out!!

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