Sometimes, you knit most of a Shalom cardigan:

and it just doesn’t work out.  You know you’re going to have to frog it, and someday you hope to – maybe – reknit and it’ll be better.

Sometimes you have to re-knit the body of a February Fitted Pullover [PDF link] three times and something goes wrong each time (and it’s a lovely patterns so you know the fault is yours alone) and you just cram it into your knitting bag and vow to forget about it for a few months.

Sometimes your travelling sock is a lace knee-high:

and you’ve already frogged it once because the whole calf was too small but hey it’s looking OK this time!  But it’s slow going and you have to “do stuff” (yo’s and decreases) on every. single. round. and you’ve been working on essentially the same sock leg for two months now, so you just need a change.

Sometimes you start a Citron shawl, and it’s going wonderfully and is just lovely, but you are waffling as to whether you should add another repeat or not.  And there’s just SO MUCH PURLING.  And it’s a product knit anyway so you’re just not feeling the process.

Sometimes you give up and vow to knit a pair of plain stockinette socks – doesn’t get any easier than that – but the yarn that you pull out just isn’t exciting you, so you glance at it a few times then cast it aside:

In short, sometimes your knitting mojo just isn’t there.

So what do you do?

If you’re lucky, you’ve got a delicious little skein of sock yarn tucked away.  You’ve been saving it for something really special, but you realize that life is short and there’s always more yarn, so you wind it up:

And you’re lucky since you have Ravelry to show you so many beautiful sock patterns all in one place, and you’re luckier since you’re smart enough to realize that this really just needs to be 2×2 rib and stockinette.

So you start knitting and knitting and purling and purling and knitting and knitting and purling and purling…

and it helps – knitting therapy at its most basic level.  But this is just the treatment, not the cure.

If you’re really lucky, you have a wonderful designer friend who gets your knitting mojo going again with a beautiful, simple cable-and-lace cowl.

If your luck stretches even further, you’re going to Loopy Yarns this weekend so you’ll scout out a beautiful fingering weight yarn with linen or bamboo, to make said cowl.

And in all this mess and knitting ennui, it helps to remember that you’re luckiest because you have this wonderful skill, one which is productivity, therapy, and creativity all in one. And that’s pretty darn cool.

(But sometimes all your photos turn out crappy and blurry and dark and yellow and you include them anyway, because otherwise this post is boring as hell, and it can’t be helped.)


4 responses to “Sometimes

  1. Yeah, still no motivation for me to knit. Heck, I can’t even get started on my sewing project. I blame it on this dang cough.

  2. lol, you’re soo funny kate!! i wish i knew how to knit.. that is on my list of crafty things i want to learn someday!

  3. i love how that yarn is knitting up.

  4. It must be the month or something. During and after Christmas I was a knitting machine, whipping out project after project, then Febuaray hit (sad with iritated tone) I have frogged more projects in the last week then in the last year. Socks are a good mojo restorer and mittens. Love your knits, you always have beautiful projects to show and great pictures.

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