Friday Favorites – 2/5/10

Posted in absesntia (wonders of teh intartubes!) as I’m currently riding a train/gallavanting about in Chicago/hitchhiking my way back to St. Louis because I annoyed Jeff so he made them pull the train over and kicked me off.  You pick.

These Oscar statues by none other than Bakerella are super cute, but I starred this item in my Google Reader because it shows how to get that smooth, even icing on a cookie.  I’m no decorator, I admit, but I had no idea that’s how it was done!

I am such a dork, but I almost choked laughing at this.

And then I DID choke laughing at this Regretsy post (spit!).

I have secretly wanted to try this since, like, forever ago.  Seriously since I was 5 or 6.  (warning, maybe gross.  I didn’t think so, but YMMV.)

Who wants to move to Bavaria with me? (and look at that kitteh!  So sweet!)

Even more incentive to move.  The information in that link actually led to a long exchange between one of the IT guys at work and myself, regarding post-apocalyptic occupations.  Something about pickled herring and pickled yarn.  Was quite amusing at the time, I assure you.

Speaking of work (whoa, look at the continuity…), it’s a common pastime in our office to make fun of Dwell magazine in all its pretentious hipster-ness.  And now there’s a whole website (link goes to one of my favorites) devoted to it.  Who’da thunk it?

(Here’s where the continuity ends) I’m going to make Abbie’s delicious-sounding buffalo chicken pizza next week – I can’t wait!

We had a giant wooden television when I was growing up.  I always thought it was SO classy.  It had fake drawers and little green felt cutouts over the speakers.

Beautiful and eye-catching color in a Design*Sponge sneak peek here.  I especially love the kids’ room and the kitchen 🙂

Once you start noticing this as you listen to music, you can never un-notice.  Amazing.


One response to “Friday Favorites – 2/5/10

  1. Thanks for sharing the Hipsters links…I took like to make fun of people. This is good stuff.

    …wow I sound like a horrible person. LOL

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