Friday Favorites – 2/12/10

Kitten gang!

Both of these D*S projects are going in my mental inspiration file 🙂

NOM!  And vaguely healthy-ish, too.  Sort of.

This is the stuff of walking-tree nightmares, it is.

Wish my Shalom cardigan had turned out so well!  However, that’s a bit of motivation to frog it ‘n fix it.  Which I guess is the most I could hope for 🙂

So. Stinkin’. Cute.

Remember these?  I always used to bend – and hurt – my fingernails trying to open up the Big Mac one.

If there’s anything that’ll finally inspire me try stranded colorwork, it’ll be Laura’s beautiful cashmere-lined mittens!  (just in time for spring… :-D)

To all the “if there’s global warming then why is it snowing outside? Huh? HUH!?” idiots (hopefully none of whom read my blog), look here.

As long as we’re skirting with politics, my feelings on the Sarah-Palin-too-dumb-to-remember-her-talking-points issue are reflected here.

I got to see Ben Folds in concert in this exact spot a few years ago.  Place looks pretty much the same.  No, really.

How many can you name?

You know what really grinds my gears?

Wendy’s post reminds me of my period of unemployment in Summer 2008, when I, too spent countless hours staring out the window, neighbor-spying and knitting.

Guess what I’m making this weekend?

I love Non Sequitur.  And non sequiturs.  RHINOCEROS!


One response to “Friday Favorites – 2/12/10

  1. OH MY GOSH I STILLLLLLLLL have those mcdonald toys!!!! i have both the robot ones and the dino ones…. the one that was hardest for me was the happy meal one… i was doing a blast from the past for awhile on my facebook and flickr… i’m on the hunt for a rainbow brite doll….

    sorry to hear of your knitting woes!! i hope it all works out for you!! 🙂

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