Way back in the beginning

Thank you everyone for your amazing post prompts last week.  I don’t run out of ideas often, but (as I’m sure you other bloggers know!), when it does happen it’s very disheartening.  Now I’ve got fodder for the next couple weeks (in between my ‘normal’ posts, that is :-))!

I thought today I’d answer Diana’s question:

I don’t know if you’ve covered it in another post or not, but how about telling us when and how you learned to knit? It’s always fun to hear about how the addiction started :)

It was really fun thinking back,  decades 2 1/2 years ago, in June 2007, to the first time I picked up knitting needles.  I’d already been crocheting for a long time – since I was about 4 or 5 – so yarn wasn’t a new thing to me (though it wasn’t until I discovered knitting blogs that my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of plant- and animal-fiber!).  I was blogging on my wedding blog at the time, so I’ve actually got some posts from very early in my knitterly existance.  They were so much fun for me to go back and read!

Jeff and I were engaged and planning our wedding when it first occurred to me that knitting would be a fun pastime.  But I committed myself to waiting until after the wedding to learn – I knew that otherwise I wouldn’t want to finish all my wedding DIY!

Just a few weeks after we got married – enough time for the “what do I do now that I don’t have a wedding to plan?” boredom to kick in – I bought some Boye US7 straights and two skeins of variegated pink Red Heart.  And then I bought The Knitter’s Bible, and cast on!  I blogged my first attempt here (I blogged almost every day over there, but most of those old posts are hidden now.  I only made a few public, so you can  read laugh at me :-D)

Naive little me:

After a whole day’s work

(Makes my eyes, and my heart, HURT.)

My first-ever FO, which I gave to my mom.  She accepted it graciously and said, “I LOVE IT! uh…what IS it?”

(They’re coasters, from the Knitter’s Bible.  And I was DAMN proud of them, thank you very much.)

A favorite quote from this post:

I think I might seek out a decent yarn store and indulge in a pair of bamboo needles and maybe a scrap or two of some real wool yarn.

Oh, young Kate.  Oh, little tiny young Kate.  Little did you know

Thanks again, Diana, for the wonderful prompt!  I really enjoyed this trek down memory lane 🙂

PS>In searching through old Xanga posts listed above, I found this granny square afghan that I started in January 2007.  And ::gulp:: the squares are still in a grocery bag in my yarn closet.  I should really stitch them together…

3 responses to “Way back in the beginning

  1. I’m in awe of your stash! After I win the lottery tonight though, I think my stash might grow really very quickly! I love those yarns that look almost like sticks rather than balls of yarn – halfway between a ball and a skein. I’ve not seen any wound like that over here. I’m easily pleased!

  2. I’ve been along your journey as you became slowly more addicted to knitting. You truly are a hardcore knitter. When you do something you finish it – and I admire that.

  3. I cherish my blue knitted coasters, I’ll have you know. I use one every day at work, and my coffee cup is proud to be so comfortable on it. So there! And I know what FO means, too!

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