I couldn’t help it

Just before dashing out the door for work yesterday morning I took a couple quick photos of my Citron so you can see just how tiny this freaking thing is:

See? I wasn’t kidding!  It’s mouse sized!  Hamster sized!  VOLE SIZED.  And yes, that’s a(n empty) Diet Coke can wedged in between the couch cushions.  I did that for scale (not as a matter of practice) so you can see JUST HOW TINY THAT FREAKING THING IS.

And just because I know you’re gonna ask: no, I haven’t blocked it yet.  I’m still too mad.  Though maybe drowning it and then poking it repeatedly with pins would help my attitude…

By the way, I did NOT end up cross-stitching on Monday night.  Instead Jeff and I went through my whole Ravelry queue and he helped me decide on a project which would:

1)be highly unlikely to anger me further

2)involved relatively little gamble – no critical gauge, no pattern with only 2 projects on Rav, no new techniques (hellooooo stranded colorwork! I’m lookin’ at youuuuu….!)

3)allow me to use pretty yarn, not just yarnyarn.  And also yarn from my stash.  I have lots of pretty yarn in my stash.

4)would involve no swatching, measuring, or calculating

So we came up with the Strangling Vine Lace Scarf (4-row pattern repeat? a giant rectangle of simple lace? yes PLEASE!), and I pulled this beauty out of my fingering weight bin:

That’s Dream in Color Starry (loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveee) and the harsh morning light doesn’t do much for it, but I assure you it’s lovely.

This bit of unblocked lace shows the color better:

I want to nom this yarn, I want to nom this pattern.  But most of all, I’m *stubborn* and I WILL keep at it through this rough patch, and when I’ve slogged my way through then I can gleefully return to all the beautiful, complex sweaters and shawls in my queue.

Failing that, well, I’m still willing to make a sacrifice to the yarn gods.


3 responses to “I couldn’t help it

  1. Aaah! I NEED DIC Starry and this post is not helping. I LAHV LAHV LAHV it.

  2. I’m glad you found a new project to work on. That Dream in Color yarn is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Oh my, look at the colours in this yarn! It’s total yarn p*rn! I could look at it all day!

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