Friday Favorites – 2/19/10

New-to-me blog, new-to-me FAVORITE PHRASE.  I must incorporate that first quote into my daily conversation, forever.

Are these coffee cozies not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

I would love to try this, but knowing me I’d get run over while planting the little fowwers.

I fail to see a problem here.

1000 Awesome Things takes a very touching turn.

Holy hell.  Drama much? (FWIW, I think the idea is brilliant and brave and…maybe not the most wisely thought-out concept.  ::ducks::)  I hope the album is awesome 🙂

I’ve always wanted a breakfast nook.  Now I want one even more.

OMG it’s like the artist lives in my freaking house.

After reading this I immediately asked Jeff if he would take me to Nantucket.  He never emailed me back.

Things every boy scout should already know.

This made my heart and ovaries ache.  ACHE.

I wish to speak with this local goatherd.

PS>What are your weekend plans?  I’ll tell you mine so then you can be jealous of how awesome I am.  Are you ready?  ARE YOU READY?  oK.  Tomorrow morning I’m waking up early to accept delivery of a CHAIR AND OTTOMAN for the living room.  And then Jeff and I are going to THE MALL to buy him A SUIT.  And I will hopefully get a FREE PRETZEL.  Then I will WALK THE DOG, BAKE BREAD, and BUY A VACUUM FILTER.

See, I told you you’d be jealous.


3 responses to “Friday Favorites – 2/19/10

  1. have i told you how much i love these friday posts? well, i do.

    we’re going to the fairytale exhibit at crown center today. woo hoo!

  2. Those pothole gardens are adorable!

  3. I can smell the bread.

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